Safdarjung Tomb

Afdarjung tomb (28 35’N and 77 12’E) is situated on Aurobindo Marg near Safdarjung Airport opposite Jor Bagh in New Delhi. Safdarjung tomb is a garden tomb in a marble mausoleum which was built by Nawab Shuja-Ud Daulah, son of Mirza Muquim Abul Mansur khan entitled Safdarjung. It represents the last phase of mughal architecture. […]

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New Delhi – College Essay

Delhi presents a vivid portrait of the cultural riches, the intricacy and dynamism of India. It is the third largest city of India. Chandni Chowk, the heart of Old Delhi, itself is a history lesson. The place still retains the mystic aura of the past, exhibiting some of the best monumental heritage of Delhi. Here […]

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Urban Transport in Delhi: Problems, Policies and Consequences

Even though the word ‘disaster’ has been used to illustrate transport problems in European and American cities, the term seems far more appropriate for a city such as New Delhi. Environmental pollution, noise, traffic fatalities and injuries, congestion, and mobility problems are far more severe in developing countries, making the problems in Europe and North […]

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The God Boy

The red sari by apirana Taylor and burning boats by Rosie Scott both highlight the issue of poverty. Burning boats is set in New Zealand where poverty is a rear thing. The red sari is set in New Delhi the capital of India where there are millions of people living in poverty.

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