The Universe Next Door

Worldview or vision of life is framework or set of fundamental beliefs thru which we view world and our calling and future in it. Vision need not be fully articulated, may be so internalized that it goes largely unquestioned. May not be explicitly developed into a systematic conception of life. May not be theoretically deepened […]

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John Wisdom – Gods

Wisdom claims that religions are revealing of the present world, even if they are often referring to what lies beyond this life and our senses. Regardless of the differences a believer and a none believer have, or do not have, towards an afterlife or a life beyond the one they live now, the differences between […]

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Atheism and Religion

Atheism, by definition, is “the doctrine or belief that there is no God” ( If you cannot say “I believe in a Deity/God/Supreme Being” then you are an atheist.” (Religion of Atheism). A religion has two components which must both be present.

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“The Lottery” and Religion

Organized religion and traditions have been a common idea throughout every civilization since the beginning of thought. All of these religions have had some sort of doctrine of faith or standardized set of codes and practices that have been passed down through the ages. In Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” The author presents the idea that […]

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