Germany’s social market economy in the 1960s and 1970s

The term “Sozialemartwirtschaft” was first coined in 1946, and has since been used as a definition of the policy regime of the Federal Republic of Germany, and now the unified German state. The ambiguity of the English translation of the phrase is indicative of the problems of arriving at a clearcut definition of the ideal. […]

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Critically analyse the influences of your own culture

A) Terms of Reference On the 6th of October 2003, the management lecturer requested a report to be written investigating the influences of your own culture on your personal buying behaviour. Consideration and reflection should be given to regional, ethnic, religious, social influences, age, gender, household, social influences and any other relevant influences and identify […]

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Examining the relationship between anxiety and sports performance

The ability to cope with pressure and anxiety is an integral part of sports, particularly among elite athletes (Hardy, Jones & Gould 1996). With anxiety being such an important aspect of sports performance it has been extensively researched. This research has produced a discrepancy in the operational definition of anxiety, with terms such as stress, […]

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How has Sony been able to develop a business culture

For a firm to be successful innovation is the key to it (appendix 2). The innovation capacity of an organization depends on the culture of the firm, internal and external environment. A business’s strategy must therefore be to increase the innovative capacity of the firm. Generally to increase the innovative capacity there are a number […]

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Honda’s US market

The question asked on this case study is whether prescriptive strategy is to be modified or whether as Pascale suggests, redefine the strategic process completely. In some cases the prescriptive strategy works adequately, but in the case of Honda, they had to change their approach due to the unsuccessful launch of the program in the […]

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Public Relations is Nothing But Spin

“Public relations is nothing but spin?” this document has set out to examine what Public Relations really is, its uses and common arenas, as well as what ‘Spin’ means and the manner in which it is used today in Public Relations by companies and politicians and governments. We endeavour to give definitions of both as […]

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Nestle’s Infant Formula: A Challenge in Marketing Strategy

PT Nestle Indonesia (Nestle) is one of the largest producer in consumer goods in Indonesia. It holds numerous well-known brands, e.g. Dancow, Milo, Carnation, Milkmaid, Bear Brand (milk products), Nescafe, Nestea (drinks), Maggi (culinary), Kokokrunch, Honey Stars (cereal), also Fox’s, Smarties, Kitkat, Polo (candies ; chocolate). Its commercial operation in Indonesia had started since 1965, […]

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Moonsnail Soapworks – Marketing campain

Moonsnail Soapworks is a small Canadian company that hand-makes soaps, skincare, healing, bath and body oils, and other beauty products. The key decision that Moonsnail Soapworks faces is how to successfully market a new product while expanding current product markets. Moonsnail Soapworks faces the following problems: First, how to price, distribute and promote Moon Baby […]

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Exclusively for everybody – consumer behaviour

This report attempts to critically analyses how Marks and Spencer attempt to overcome the effects of selective perception, evaluate the possible bases for consumer segmentation that could define the target markets for the ‘Exclusively for Everyone’ advertising campaign. The report will also critically assess the use of reference groups in the campaign and examine how […]

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Market Research In Practice: Report

The aim of the market research undertaken in this report was to find out attitudes towards Heinz Baked Bean variants and behaviour of respondents with regards to how often they eat beans and microwaveable meals. Beliefs about packaging were a key issue along with convenience. The research was carried out to discover if there was […]

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