The Ohio Pilot Scholarship Program

It involved an experimental Cleveland program offering low-income children scholarships to attend either public or private schools. Your education, your choice – what could be more straightforward? Yet it was not just opposed, but vehemently so, by the public education industry. This opposition raises two questions: Why is the public education industry so opposed to […]

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Marketing communications program for WAO

1.0 Executive Summary This report is a marketing communications program for WAO, targeting women in general, as their primary target, and getting sponsors and donor (secondary target audience) to fund the operation of WAO. Some of the possible marketing or promotional efforts can be put across through events sponsorship, cause-related marketing, and of course, the […]

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Leisure Education Programming and Mental Health

1. My philosophy on Leisure Leisure is a term that could have a different meaning for every individual. The general definition of leisure is the portion of an individual’s time that is not directly devoted to work or work-connected responsibilities or to other obligated forms of maintenance or self-care (Kraus 2001). The English word leisure […]

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Returning the logistics system in responce to changing customer requirements

Fiat, in the case of preserving and developing in the European market might consider the fact of implementing joint ventures and agreements with several distributors or even automobile brands in order to reach the captive market of each country. This is considering the fact that, every country has its own special market and environment, as […]

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Coursework Marketing of Services

Services are defined by Donald Cowell in the Marketing of Services, Butterworth and Heinemann, as “those separately identifiable but intangible activities that provide want-satisfaction, and that are not of necessity tied to (or inextricable from) the sale of a product or another service”. There are further explanations and of course Kotler has his definition. So […]

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Data Warehouses are Merely the Latest in a Long Line of Reporting

Data warehouses and the process of data warehousing is the latest development in the field of reporting tools, examples of which can include Oracle and Microsoft Excel. Whether this is ‘merely’ what they are is an issue that will be investigated in depth during this essay. The other main topic that will be discussed is […]

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The turning of historical Prison to the 4 star Cartwright Hotel

This assignment is based on the internet marketing and its impact on the businesses. Here it will be discussed the various ways of marketing and their significance. As we progress it will be explained what is the importance of marketing, what are the marketing tools and how can they be used effectively to compete today […]

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An Information System

1.0 Introduction “An Information System is the mechanism which delivers the right piece of information to a decision-maker, at the right time, and in the right format so that effective decision making can take place” (Snape 2003). The adoption of an Information System framework is vital for any firm’s long-term prosperity and survival. Somerfield’s Information […]

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Application and Evaluation of SSM as a Problem Solving Methodology

1) Introduction: Soft system thinking is a form of systematic thinking that understands realities as the creative construction of the human beings (Jackson, 1999). It generates and works with an evolving appreciation of the people’s point of view and intentions. Hence, the soft system thinking is concerned with a situation as they are defined through […]

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Are the cultures of the world becoming more similar or more different

This report will be divided in to the three main areas of culture identified by Johnson (1962), value and norms, cognitive elements and beliefs and signs, symbols and signs which relates to language. In addition to this it will comprise of work by Levitt and other issues such as language barriers. Contents Page Introduction 2 […]

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