The Decline of Aleppo

M.A. student Islam and the West 14, April, 2004-4-14 In the Arabic world, Aleppo was not for all the time considered a metropolis. However, it claims a long and glorious history that traces to the beginning of the recorded history, and has established a regional commercial center for at least more than one thousand years. […]

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Mercenary Companies and the Decline of Siena by William Caferro

Mercenary Companies and the Decline of Siena as written by Caferro focuses on the most dramatic issues faced on the Italian peninsula in the 1300s. This mainly revolves around the marauding mercenary companies’ raids. These companies were locally known as Companies of adventure and more in general, Free Companies that included private armies with professional […]

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Pollinators in decline

With the current decline of food production in societies worldwide, there is an effort to create a consensus to create solutions and practices to alleviate the problem. One program involves creating solutions to pollinator declines. Due to the relative contributions brought about by pollination to several food products, there must be increased awareness and practices […]

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