The Declaration of Independence Paper

The Declaration of Independence is a document that was signed on the 4 July 1776, highlighting a completely new period for the American history. In this document, thirteen American states claimed their independence from the British Empire. The Declaration of Independence served as a letter of request that was sent to King George III of […]

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Declaration of Independence Criticism

It is commonly known that parents are very instrumental in the growth and development of any child throughout until they become adults. However, if their efficacy is not felt by the children, then the latter can declare independence from their parents. Parents have a bigger role to play in developing character and promoting children’s welfare […]

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Declaration of Independence

The declaration of independence was written by Thomas Jefferson and was later adopted by the second continental congress and this declaration of independence illustrates the main reasons that pushed the colonies of United Kingdom in North America to seek independence in 1776. This declaration starts with a description of why these colonies decided to depose […]

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Roger Sherman

Roger Sherman was a signee and a helper in the drafting of The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. He was born in April 19, 1721 in Newton, Massachusetts to Mr. William who was a farmer and a shoemaker and Mrs. Mehetabel, his mother, who was known for her strong values in upbringing […]

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Critical Analysis of the Declaration of Independence

According to Thomas Jefferson, “all tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”. On July 4, 1776, our founding fathers took steps to rid the United States of the tyranny of King George the III of England. They would no longer remain silent. The document that declared the […]

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Through the Eyes of a Virginia Planter and Slaveholder

The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson in the year 1776 and it is still one of the most esteemed documents declaring human freedom to this day. The ideals that were written are still very much alive in our hearts and minds and will continue to live throughout generations to come. The Declaration […]

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Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence was a revolutionary piece of writing that impacted the whole world for decades after it was written, by starting a chain of angry citizens overthrowing unjust governments. But the elements that made it so different and revolutionary were not thought up all at the time; many of the ideas put into […]

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