David and solomon

David and Solomon King David proved to be a wise and effective leader for Israel. However, it can be said that his son, Solomon, made several mistakes during his reign. Many of his problems originated from his Temple, a stucture that was conceptualized by his father to be a deterrent against the paganism, which infested […]

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David Duong

Ms. Glassow English Honors I November, 1998 The Promise of Genetic Engineering A girl is born without Tay-Sachs disease, a devasting genetic disorder that has decimated a lot of babies worldwide. A leukemia patient has defective bone marrow replaced with healthy bone marrow that was cloned from tissue from her own cells. These futuristic scenarios […]

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Summer by David Updike

August is described as the merciless succession of beautiful days mainly because the month falls in the winter period when the summer and spring have passed away. The writer in his stories tells the story of a fellow named winter who recovers from a dissolved relationship. The writer mainly tells his stories which are highly […]

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“The End of Money” by David Wolman

The title of the book by David Wolman, “The End of Money”, should not be accepted literally, as it mostly refers to the end of cash: Banknotes and coins. The author refers to the incident which happened in Ireland in the beginning of May, 1970, when during over half a year the bank system was […]

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Ransom by David Malouf

In the book Ransom by David Malouf, women and men are in different roles and thus bringing social inequality. These two genders have different worlds as a result of the impacts of the ongoing western civilization war, the focus remains on the world of fate. Malouf tells the reader of how the character by the […]

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David Bell

David Bell argues that the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars that followed should be considered the first total war rather than those that came after convincing that the war laid economic, social, cultural, and political problems for many years which is an indication of total war. The war was so violent that it overthrew […]

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David Hume & Immanuel Kant

David Hume played an influential role in the awakening of Immanuel Kant from his dogmatic slumber through critically analyzing the general view of rationalism. According to his analysis, Hume realized that some judgments thought to be analytic, usually those related to cause and effect were essentially synthetic. This means that in the judgments, no analysis […]

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God Is Great

To some, it is a story of judgment and condemnation. Others see it as a story of grace, restoration, and hope. For those willing to admit their sin and accept God’s judgment, grace, and restoration, it is both.

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The Bible Among Myths

I believe that Worldview is seriously influenced by culture, knowledge, politics, religion and upbringing. Therefore, it is not uncommon to meet people who view the Bible as mythical literature. Hence there have been occasions when I have found myself in an intense debate about whether or not information in the Bible is real.

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