Relational Database Management

Entity and referential are rules concerning integrity or database concepts. Entity is an integrity that referential integrity is based on. It is a rule that says that each table should posses a primary key. It also states that all columns which are chosen to be primary keys should be special and different but not illogical. […]

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Database Project – Evaluation

When the database loads up, a password is requested. When the password is entered, the menu screen automatically comes up. The menu screen is simple and there are 3 obvious options to choose from. These are the ‘Purchases File’, ‘Customers File’ and ‘Phones File’. They are near of the bottom of the menu screen. To […]

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Database solutions

a) Background Information Calvin Carrot owns and works in a DVD rental shop in Hastings called “DVDs-2-Go” and there are currently four staff members who work in the shop on a regular basis. At the present time, all Customer details are stored on individual cards kept in a filing cabinet in the DVD store. The […]

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Database Project

My Uncle Samuel is the salesman of a newsagent shop called Samuel and son’s co. limited. He is busy and disorganized because he is always away on trips and is never around to take inventory of his stock. So I decided to create a database for him to help him make his business more efficient. […]

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A Relational Database system to assist the stock control operation

1 Title: A Relational Database system to assist the stock control operation of Rai’s Newsagents. 1.1 Keywords: The keyboards from the title are; Database, Stock Control and Newsagents. 2 Problem definition: 2.1 The problem is that the shop owner does not know the quantities and value of the stock on the selves and in the […]

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A dating agency situated at: 105 Bond street London WC1

The Love Connection dating agency functions to bring two individuals with common interests, values and aspirations together to form a relationship. A client phones or writes or emails or faxes to obtain a questionnaire form, this form is sent to the client. The form is completed by the client and sent back to the agency. […]

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SQL Server Notes

Internet Integration: The SQL Server 2000 database engine includes integrated XML support. It also has the scalability, availability, and security features required to operate as the data storage component of the largest Web sites. The SQL Server 2000 programming model is integrated with the Windows DNA architecture for developing Web applications, and SQL Server 2000 […]

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Stored Procedures and Triggers

Triggers are basically procedural codes that are automatically activated when a database is queried, for example when the view of certain information stored in the database is requested (Tjoe & Hameurlain, 1997). In other words, a trigger is a Structured Query Language (SQL) program stored in the database that is executed in response to interrogation […]

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Riodan Database Security

Presently, a computer is only used once to implement the data management processes. The new system is designed in such a way that at almost every level, throughout the process of receiving, making and delivering orders, computers are utilized. This would be done through the use of PDAs, bar code readers, database systems and subsequent […]

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DBMS: Reflective Summary Posting

So far as the database of HR is concerned, it is necessary to have a normalized structure. This means that every table should be free of data redundancy and anomalies. The tables should be linked to each other the use of foreign key, primary key relationship. This means that the primary of a parent table […]

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