Data mining

Database Sql Server Analysis

A requirement Is something a database needs to do In order to fulfill Its purpose. True 2) You only need to include the most important stakeholders in the database discussions. False 3) Forms are used for gathering Input. True 4) A transaction database is optimized to track transactions in real time. True 5) Data mining […]

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Database marketing

In today’s competitive climate ,marketing and customers data have became the most Important key of strategic competition for many firm. This advances In business and marketing makes firms more sensitive for data with the efficacy of increasing role of information technologies in preparing marketing strategies and its implementation. Together with increasing value of data and […]

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Data mining ethical concerns

Data mining is increasingly being used by companies so that they can get more information about their customers and analyze it so they can serve them better. Where data mining has its advantages, there are also a number of disadvantages. Most of these are ethical concerns about information gathering and sharing. When customers fill out […]

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