Data Analytics

Predictive Analytics And ERP

Predictive Analytics Predictive analytics is the practice of extracting information from existing data sets in order to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. It is the application of statistical analysis to business issues to improve operations and effectiveness. Predictive analytics does not tell what will happen in the future. It forecasts what might […]

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Hr Analytics Analysis

The metrics standards are complimented by a glossary which provides a definition for each data point, Including specific details on what should be counted In or out of these data points. This combined set of Information forms the standards upon which the British Columbia Human Resources Management Association (BC HARM) has developed the HRS Metrics […]

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Google Analytics

Is a free website analytics product that provides you with the ability to analyze website traffic data to effectively identify the habits of website visitors. The program can track what pages your visitors look at, the duration of their stay on your website, how frequently specific visitors use your website, and many other statistics. With […]

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Competing on Analytics

This report describes the emergence of a new form of competition based on the extensive use of analytics, data, and fact-based decision making. The analytics? quantitative or statistical models to analyze business problems?may be applied to a variety of business problems, including customer management, supply chains, and financial performance. The research assessed 32 firms with […]

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