Daoism: A Closer Look

Next to Confucianism, Daoism is undoubtedly the most dominant branch of Chinese philosophy. Their complementary doctrines were among the major influences behind later Chinese thought and literature. While Confucianism emphasized solemn gravity and social responsibility, Daoism preached respectability and fulfillment of the conventional duties of society. Instead of focusing on worldly and human concerns – […]

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In China, Confucian and Daoist scholars have at various times advised governments and rulers. Emperors patronized Confucian and Daoist learning. On the one hand, Confucian thought is widely held to be primarily concerned with social order, to have more to say about good governance than Daoism. From the sixth century, study of Confucian classics was […]

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Lao Zi and Chuang Zi, the main proponents of Daoism, both have a “Zi” attached to their original names because “Zi” is a respectful way of addressing someone. As persons who believe in Daoism, Lao Zi and Chuang Zi both believed that there is a dialectical development of the universe, which means that oppositions are […]

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So many religions are out there in the world. Most religions in the world have only one heaven as they believe, but there is one with as big difference. Daoism. This religion has 36 heavens and 36 hells to which the people who believe in Daoism go. Righteous people go to heaven while the wrong […]

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