Dangers in cooking

The kitchen is a dangerous place.  Often known as the hub of the house, it is in the kitchen where most household accidents occur.  Consider the facts if you will; intense heat, boiling water, sharp implements, glass, are all factors of danger.  Add to this the possibility of food poisoning, exposure to chemical products and/or […]

Dangers in Cooking

Cooking is essential for the daily living of people. Cooking begets eating, which is a requisite in order humans to live. People need all the calories they can get from food. Food should be cooked in an appropriate manner in order any harmful effects of various bacteria thriving in meat and vegetables. It is important […]

Our Dangerous Dwelling

As children, we were made to believe that the evil beings on earth were the big bad wolf, the wicked witch, the villainous stepmother, and more. They were the antagonists of the children’s imaginative world. However, grownups no longer get terrified of these make-believe creatures because they know now when to fear, what to fear […]

Dangerous Free Trade System

Many questions have been asked on who benefits from the free trade system. Free Trade, in an attempt to react to this query and by definition, refers to a system where traders can transact with other countries without any government’s interference. The free trade helps traders to get more benefits of goods and services. The […]

Driving Isn’t Child’s Play

When I was about ten years old, my best friend, Ricky, broke my nose with a baseball, and I learned a pretty decent lesson about force. We’d found an old pitch-back tucked away in the garage, so we decided to take turns: one of us pitching, and the other calling balls and strikes. If the […]

Danger from outside the Earth

Introduction: Our Earth has always been facing danger of extinction and mass destruction from outside our planet. The reason behind is the moving rocks in the form of Asteroids, Meteors and Comets. All the three is expected to have origin from the time when a big explosion namely supernova explosion, that took place in the […]

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