Frontline uses the relationship between physical setting and dance content to great effect

Frontline is a professional which was re-choreographed, from a Portuguese version in to his own. He uses six dancers, of which there are four females, and two males. Frontlines lighting is structured into lines across the stage, the linear lines of light, helps to tell the story and guide the pathways of the dance. They […]

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Work of Ballroom Dancing

The purpose of this final assignment is to express how the lived work of everyday activities such as learning ballroom dancing can teach us about who we are and how we go about turning these tasks in to ordinary activities. In particular this paper will concentrate on the coordination of work of it’s participants in […]

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Pulcinella by Richard Alston

Pulcinella was choreographed by Richard Alston in 1987. It was created for the sixteen dancers of Ballet Rambert, the year after he was appointed Artistic Director of the company. It previewed (shown for the first time) at the Leeds Grand Theatre on January 13th 1987. The original version of Pulcinella was created in 1920 by […]

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Mati-Akhora- Foundation of Sattriya Dance

By Dr. Mallika Kandali All classical dance traditions of India have evolved for themselves a structural pattern or grammar, whether oral or written, for its sustenance and transmission. The Sattriya dance also, as an enduring tradition, has over the centuries as stated earlier, developed a structural grammar of its own. That structural grammar, which is […]

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Freak dancing

“Freak dancing” has become an acute topic in today’s education. Many teenagers engage in it; yet parents and teachers are often appalled and disgusted by what they see in the ballroom. The best way to control teenagers, in the opinion of some school officials, is to impose a ban on such dancing, including punishments for […]

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