Dams and resources

The Environmental Impacts of Large Dams Land and water are ecologically linked in a natural system called a watershed. From the smallest droplet to the mightiest river, water works to shape the land, taking with it sediment and dissolved materials that drain to watercourses and, in most cases, eventually to the sea. So is the […]

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Banqiao Reservoir Dam

Dams are barriers which obstruct, direct or slow down the flow of water in a river, lake or reservoir. They primarily serve as retaining water, while other structures like floodgates and levees are used to manage or prevent water flow in a specific area or region. Dams generally used to collect water for storage in […]

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As a mark of development, modern countries particularly those with high interests on hydrological process started the creation of dams. A gigantic structure of almost immeasurable proportions, dams have been known to be one of the largest infrastructures ever built in history. Some experts even attribute the skills and drive to create dams in our […]

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Building Dams and Environmental Impact

Dams are generally constructed with the idea of retaining water for several purposes. These include power generation through hydroelectric power, water supply, stabilization of the water flow for irrigation purposes, flood prevention, land reclamation, water diversion and also at times for recreation and aquatic beauty. Dams, as we know, are constructed on rivers and do […]

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