Three Georges Dam

The United States, China and the Three Gorges Dam: Toward A Sounder Foreign Environmental Policy Yumiko Kojima, Kyoko Murai, Howard Pang, and Elena Vitale The Three Gorges Dam project on China’s Yangzi River is the world’s largest hydroelectric undertaking. While Chinese leaders say the dam will improve river navigation, prevent periodic flooding, and provide the […]

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The Three Gorges Dam

A 632 km (412 miles) long reservoir was found on the Yangtze River, also called the Three Gorges Dam, because it floods three upstream gorges. Its main reason for installation was to provide hydroelectric power. To begin with, the advantages of the TDG are numerous. It yields 18 GW of electric power which is the […]

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Impact of Dams

The main objective of this essay was to evaluate the impact of dams on the economic, social and environmental contexts. The idea was to analyse the dam’s major impact on each of these aspects. In the economic background, the benefits that hydroelectric dams provide were discussed in addition to the dam’s economic role in agriculture […]

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