Zeek Rewards Receiver: Claims Portal Scheduled To Open Soon

UPDATE: The claims portal is now open, if you lost with Zeek Rewards Ponzi or decided to surrender your profits voluntarily proceed to The court appointed receiver of the alleged Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme has announced that the claims portal is scheduled to open on or before May 15. “It is with pleasure that […]

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Zeek Rewards Claims Portal Is Open

Five days ago I reported that the Zeek Rewards claims portal is scheduled to open soon. This has now happened. The portal is accessible through the website of the court appointed receiver and also through a separate website. All claims must be filed by 11:59 p.m. (prevailing Eastern time) on September 5, 2013. Graham C. […]

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What Is HYIP?

A HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) is a kind of ponzi scheme, which is promising unsustainable high returns on investments made by people who play these money games. The profits for the previous investors are paid by investments made by new investors. Nowadays the so called “HYIP Industry” has become a pretty big market and […]

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WestPark Capital Supporting Ukrainian Ponzi Scheme “Uinvest”

The guys over at Realscam have just recently started to uncover some Ukrainian Ponzi scheme that claims to be the biggest crowdfunding company in the world. This seems funny, as most of the industries big names has never heard about them and also they do not seem to care much about any securities laws anywhere […]

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United Kingdom: FSA Issues Warning Against Profitable Sunrise

After the US states North Carolina and Alabama issued warnings against a Ponzi scheme called “Profitable Sunrise”, which claims to be owned by a company called Inter Reef Ltd. (based in United Kingdom), owned by Roman Novak and Radoslav Novak, the FSA (Financial Services Authority) of the United Kingdom also put Profitable Sunrise on the […]

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UK’s FCA Issues Warning Against SolidTrustPay

The FCA, which is the financial services authority of the United Kingdom and was formerly called FSA, has issued a warning against the Canada based SolidTrustPay company.SolidTrustPay is a payment processor that is mainly used by fraudsters and HYIP Ponzi schemes, such as Bannersbroker, Uinvest and the already shut down Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme. On […]

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Ukraine: Victim of MMM ponzi suffers from self-made bomb

Again Ukraine makes news about crime in connection to a ponzi scheme. A 48 years old resident of Krivoy Rog, Ukraine lost 1000 hryvnia ( $123 ) in the collapsed russian online cash gifting ponzi scheme MMM , meanwhile his upline (a promoter who introduced him to the scheme) bought a brand new car “Niva” […]

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Uinvest Crowdfunding Scam Using Its Members For Money Laundering

Uinvest, an Ukrainian Ponzi scheme hiding behind a crowd funding platform and stating to be the biggest crowd funding platform online since 2007, has recently stopped processing payments in result of the Liberty Reserve shut down. Now they are relying solely on their so-called “Financial Partners” platform. “Investors” of the scheme are able to offer […]

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U.S. SEC cracks down on Profitable Sunrise (following actions of individual States)

Today, US Securities and Exchange commission published a complaint against Inter Reef LTD (documented operator of a ponzi scheme at web site). SEC also charges 4 Czech companies which were involved in bank transactions of this ponzi scheme as relief defendants: Melland (director: Alexander Smirnov), Color Shock (director: IRENA BARESOVA), Solutions Company (director: Moran […]

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TelexFree Case Prosecutor Threatened With Death

According to reports in Brazilian media, a prosecutor in the state of Acre has been threatened with death over her role in the TelexFree investigation. At this time the prosecutor is receiving police protection. TelexFree is currently under investigation because it is considered as a Ponzi scheme.TelexFree, which has a U.S. arm in Massachusetts claims […]

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