Computer Hackers and the Cybercrime Law

It can contribute to negative Impact In term of social and economic placement. Cyber crime Is a new type of crime that occurs In this Science and Technology years. There are a lot of definitions for cyber crime. According to Wisped. Com cyber crime also known as computer crime that refers to any crime that […]

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Computer Crimeexample

In today? s society our most valuable commodity is not grain, steel or even technology; it is information. Because of computer networks, Just about everyone can now access an astounding range of Information. The Internet Is International, even though 80 percent of the Internet use occurs in the United States, and a staggering amount of […]

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Nigerian Harmonized Cyber Security Bill

This paper talks about the types of cyber-crimes: hacking, data theft, spreading virus ND worms, identity theft, yahoo attack and cyber terrorism; causes and effects of cyber – crime on banking, transaction and reputation; finally It will also look at the measures In place to help reduce cyber- crime stateless. Types of cyber crime Various […]

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