World Cultures

Ancient artifacts are historical objects found in modern times. The artifacts have their origin from pre-existing cultures. The ancient artifacts possess a great load of culture shedding light on the values and principles of ancient civilizations. Some artifacts are more significant than others are and all of them play a role in re-evaluating historical events. […]

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Cultures and Organizations

According to Geert Hofstede, for effective management to be realized one has to understand five basic relationships that occur in the workplace. He acknowledges the cultural differences in the workplace but affirms the fact they all follow the five basic dimensions. Slight variances may be realized in interpretation or occurrence according to the respective cultures. […]

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Conflicting Cultures

There continued to be great misunderstandings between the doctors and the Lee family, as the Lees grew more non-compliant. They never trusted the doctors and failed to understand the importance of following the directions of the doctors. They would give her double the dosage prescribed or totally withhold the medication, which was responsible for the […]

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Cultures in Post Colonial Communities

My research paper will be on post colonial cultures. I decided to do this paper to learn more about these cultures and to view them in literature. My main research question is if post colonial cultures are shown correctly in stories. I have chosen two sources out of the text book. The first is Columbus […]

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The Roles of Dido and Medea

Women in the ancient world did not have the rights or status as we do today. They were looked upon as possessions or property. For a woman to be strong or be allowed to hold a position of power was something that was unheard of. Medea and Dido were two very strong and powerful women, […]

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Perception of Depression amongst Western and Non Western Cultures

Depression or “Unipolar depression is another name for Major Depressive disorder. It is a mood disorder characterized by a depressed mood, a lack of interest in activities normally enjoyed, changes in weight and sleep, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness and guilt, difficulty concentrating and thoughts of death and suicide. ” (Nancy Schimelpfening, 2007). Just like any […]

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Psychological construct: depression in cultures

The essential characteristics of depression in cultures include the cultures themselves. It is operating on the hypothesis or assumption that depression is not the same in its expression and meaning across cultures. It is implied also that current diagnostic tools are usually not culture fair because the items do not reflect the understanding or paradigm […]

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Body Art and Ornamentation across Two Cultures

The humanistic aspect of anthropology stems from our desire to know and understand other cultures. Anthropologists with a humanistic orientation approach the study of cultures as translators who try to make the symbols of one culture understandable in terms of those of another. They attempt to portray and interpret the customs, values, worldview, or art […]

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Canada, Multiculturalism

Canada is normally described as being a multicultural nation. However, what is the meaning of this term multicultural? In simple terms, it implies that Canadians do not have any specific cultural background; neither do they have a specific race or heritage. Rather, Canadians presently reflect very diverse cultural heritages as well as social groups. Jedwab […]

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Comparing African and American Cultures

In the Mali African culture the emperor is the central figure of the empire and ruled it from the capital city. In order to control the distant cities and provinces he appointed governors. In order to keep himself economically and politically strong the emperor kept strict control over the regions rich in gold and salt.

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