Culture Wars

Part A The author of this paper, Elaine Kelly, tries to look at the inter connection of liberalism, sovereignty of Australia as a state and its hospitality. This interconnection is brought about through the incessant cultural wars in her country, Australia. These wars, she argues, are being perpetuated by the Liberal Coalition government, headed by […]

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Popular and the Traditional Culture

The tradition to respect and observe the beliefs of a certain culture are instilled in us through the parental institution and parenting method. The dynamics that are connected to the belief that there is life after death is emotionally logical. Not many societies would deny that there are cases of ghosts in their history. Each […]

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Christ and Culture Revisited

Introduction Christ and Culture revisited by D. A. Carson is considered to be one of the most important books on social ethics which is written during the modern times although the disbelievers are not sure of its judgments and categories. The author urges that all categories of Niebuhr are practical and should be seen as […]

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The Sub-Culture

Subculture is a distinct group of people whose culture is different from the mainstream culture of the wider community to which they belong (Gary, 2009). A sub-culture, therefore, is a way of life for the entire groups of people that in turn form the beliefs system, values, norms and lifestyle that differentiate it from the […]

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The Real Face of Our Culture in the United States

Nowadays more and more people start to notice more on the situation of the societies in the United States, and most of them get the information by reading the researches or books written by some sociologists. From all the examples of social issues in our societies, people seem to care more about culture jamming. In […]

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Culture and Human Resource Policies and Practices

Business organizations that have succeeded and performed superbly in both turbulent and calm business environments pay much attention to both cultural values and business performance. Studies have revealed that good cultural values energize and motivate employees by especially appealing to higher ideals and unifying employees through the shared goals. By paying attention to organizational culture, […]

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The Generation Gap: Popular Culture Today Versus Thirty or More Years Ago

The generation gap refers to differences that exist between young people and their elders. This gap is noticed after a certain period of time, especially due to variations in notions and life views of children and their parents. Despite the fact that generational differences have always existed since ancient times, the modern evident generational gaps […]

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Symbols Associated with African-American Culture

Every human being belongs to a particular culture. Culture is determined by ancestral origin, language, tradition and custom, cuisine, symbols and religion (Maultsby, 1990). Introduction I identify myself with African American culture. African-Americans are residents or citizens of America with partial ancestry from Africa. Most African-Americans are direct descendants of West African enslaved Africans. African-American […]

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Sociology of Culture: Marx’s Theory on Base and Superstructure

Sociology of Culture: Base and Superstructure In the journal “Analytical Marxism,” the author contends that the total sum of production relations in a given society is said to constitute economic structure and the foundation. The economic structure is also known as the superstructure while the foundation is the base (Cohen, 1986). In the preface “Critique […]

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effect of gandhi on indian culture

?Analysis of Effect of Gandhi on Indian culture India has both a rich cultural history spanning multiple millenniums, and is the 2nd most populated country on earth with a population of 1,155 million (C1), trailing China’s population of 1,331 million but leading the 3rd most populated country on earth by a whopping 275% — the United States, […]

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