Animal Cruelty And Family Violence

For the past few years, I have been interested in learning about the problems society can face or do face; when it comes to animal cruelty and family violence. Even for a good amount of American families the family pet is loved and cared for. For others, it is a terrible thing to think about; […]

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Animal Testing: Necessity or Cruelty?

2/3/03 There has been an on going heated debate on whether experiments on animals for the benefit of medical and scientific research are ethical. Whether it is or isn’t, most people have to decide whether the benefits will outweigh the costs of the experiments. These costs include: animal pain, distress and death where the benefits […]

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Animal Cruelty

Should animals be used for research? Isn’t it animal cruelty? To test cosmetics, cleaners and other products, hundreds of thousands of animals are poisoned, blinded and killed every year. In circuses, animals are being tortured cruelly. This has been an argumentative issue for a long time. Some argue testing on some animals now will prevent […]

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