Ana Castillo Seduced by Natssja Kinski Critique

Ana Castillo “Seduced by Natssja Kinski” CritiqueA quick read of Ana Castillo’s poetry will provide a reader with much knowledge of the style she uses. The style used in “Seduced by Natassja Kinski” and “El Chicle” is conveyed vividly. A key ingredient to Castillo’s style is imagery. Castillo uses imagery to portray the environment, object […]

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Critique Freud

Critique Freud – Strengths and Weaknesses. The study of the human mind will always have its complexities and its doubts on certain subjects. Like all psychoanalytical theories, it is impossible to prove beyond a doubt, and much easier to uncover its strengths rather than its weaknesses. Freud, like many psychologists that explored new theories, had […]

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Critique of The Limited INC

Overall, we think that our classmates, Melissa and Jay, did a good job in their paper. Here are just few comments and suggestion that we think our classmates have missed. The management of the Limited relies heavily on the shoulders of CEO Leslie Wexner. The analyst has criticized him that he is frequently creating new […]

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Michel Foucault Critique

Firstly, Michael Foucault steadily criticizes the name used by the author in his publication. As portrayed in his critics, Michel believes that a normal human being ought not to have such a name. He quotes: “Characteristic of the form of being, passage and execution of certain discourses within a culture” (179). Foucault further criticizes the […]

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Critique Papers

This essay investigates the literature available on “Black Friday…Grey Thursday”. According to literature available, this production stems from the retail industry in America that has become more robust in its marketing strategies. As such, the players attempt to make every possible gain in the market with regards to attracting customers. In fact, this has resulted […]

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Response to Tison Pugh’s Critique

SUMMARY OF THE MAIN ARGUMENTS The author’s criticism focuses on Hank Morgan’s personality. The author argues that Hank’s problems are attributed to his personality, and his inability to conceptualize the past correctly. Morgan’s personality is described in the critic’s text as one full of conflicts. For example, during Morgan’s friendship with Clarence, he supported close […]

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Nietzsche’s Critique of Morality

Introduction Friedrich Nietzsche was a renowned German philosopher who lived in the late 19th century. His extensive studies, arguments and counterarguments on morality and ethics are a source of inspiration and the subject of extensive studies. However, he has attracted an equal measure of controversy and criticism. He was born in the city of Leipzig […]

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Marx and Nietzsche’s Critique of Bourgeois Theory

Introduction While philosophers were solely determined to acquire knowledge, the lives of Karl Marx and Nietzsche were dedicated to putting into practice their vision of a better society and life. They identified the flaws that existed in society based on the historical wrongs done to humanity. Examples of the wrongs to humanity are the Spanish […]

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Aristotle’s Critique of Plato

The arts are seen to play a positive role in the lives of many people. Across cultures, times, places, and class-divisions, people sing, dance, decorate, enact, represent, narrate, and express, in conventionalized ways, to audiences who enjoy and participate in these activities, and often care about them deeply. It seems natural, if not highly informative, […]

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Airline Management Article Critique

This paper will focus on an article concerning federal legislation and the Court’s interpretation of the law concerning the airline industry’s personnel.  I find this interesting since it talks about the legality of terminating an airline employee.

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