AntiTerrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001

In order to evaluate this statement we must firstly identify what a civil liberty is. In a simple sense ‘liberty entails non-interference by others with ones freedom of choice and action’ 2. There is no agreed way in which civil liberties are separated from other types of liberties; however the word civil is used to […]

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Violent crimes

Violent crimes as a phenomenon have been accompanying the history of humanity. They have been described in various written sources from Egyptian, Babylonian to Bible. Nobody has an answer to what causes violent crime, but a multitude of theories exist, ranging from criminological to biological. Violence and violent crimes permeate nearly every part of our […]

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Discuss the criminal liability of Dave

This comes from Section 8 of the Theft Act 1968. The actus reus for this offence is the ar for a theft and the use or threat of force. We must then consider the 2 conditions before moving on to the mens rea. The mr for robbery is the same mr for a theft as […]

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Criminal Law

Every situation Is dfferent when the police make an arrest or are encountered with anyone who Is claiming that a crime has occurred. There are basic principles involved where criminal law Is concerned. Whether these are crimes or a clvll action depends on the type of situation that has occurred. What are these principles In […]

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Ten Commandments

In this paper I will describe what I believe the influences the Ten Commandments have had on criminal law. I will list each of the commandments and explain what laws I believed have been derived from the commandment. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt have no other gods before me does […]

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Forensic Psychology and an Attorney

Although I am still quite indecisive of exactly what I want to be in life, I have a general idea of the careers I am going to choose from. The one I am leaning more towards is a profession as a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer is a person who practices or studies the system […]

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Criminal Assignment

“Stalking to be made specific criminal offence” – Cameron. According to Section 39 of Criminal Justice Act 1988, it has given that common assault and battery shall be summary offences and a person guilty of either of them shall be liable to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale, to imprisonment for […]

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Policy Implications of Criminological Theories

The Philosophical Theory of Criminal law may be divided into two; the analytical and the normative. To discern the proper scope of criminal offense, criminal law should address which is wrong. Criminal law should treat public wrongs and not private offenses. Normally, theories of criminal law is treated in general and is applied to a […]

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Use of Force

Whenever a law enforcement officer places an individual under arrest or is involved in a deadly force scenario the officer has used some degree of force. The incidents where an office has to make a split second decision and use physical force to control a situation is known as ???Use of Force. ??? The use […]

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Criminal Records or Mental Illness

In this new era of modernization and globalization, employers have become increasingly concerned about knowing if an applicant has a criminal record or mental illness. More employers are conducting pre-employment background checks for these kind of drawbacks. Employers have been the subject of large jury verdicts for negligent hiring in cases where they hire a […]

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