Malaysian Country Analysis

Malaysia A. Brief History In the first century AD, the Malayan peninsula was prominent in intl trade. Conquered by the Portuguese in 1511, then the Dutch in 1641. The British, who replaced the Dutch in 1795, developed large-scale productions of tin and rubber. The Japanese invaded Malaysia during WWII. Malaysia was formed after negotiating for […]

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The Country of Nigeria

This essay looks at the literature on Nigeria as a country. It investigates the socio-cultural as well as the political history of the country with special emphasis being put on the colonial era and the question as to whether or not it was a subject to the imperial rule. Further, it examines the demographic makeup […]

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Enrique’s Journey and A Country for All

Factors that drives contemporary migration Immigration can be defined as relocating to a native land especially in search of a better lifestyle. Immigrants enrich other countries, while on the other hand their country continues rotting in poverty. Most of them are tired of poor living standards, and move to America so as to support the […]

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Country Management

Background As you understand, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is strategically located in the Middle East region. It geographical position is very important due to international accessibility through its well communication and transport network connection, including land, air and sea. Its position makes it to act as a center connecting continents and subcontinents for which it’s […]

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Economic Solutions to the Problems Facing Sudan

Sudan is a massive country, it is 2.376 million sq km, that is just more than one quarter of the size of the USA, making it in the top 10 biggest countries in the world. Sudan also has a massive population, as you can see above it is over twice the size of the Netherlands.’ […]

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Country profile of the Netherlands

The Netherlands culture includes different kind of cultural activities. There are also a lot of traditions , holidays and so on. We have a lot of holidays. Queens day is on 30 April that’s the day of our previous queen’s birthday. In the Netherlands a lot of people are Christian so we celebrate Christmas, good […]

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Country Report on Rwanda

1. Summary In 2007, significant human rights abuses occurred, although there were important improvements in some areas. Citizens’ right to change their government was restricted, and extra judicial killings by security forces increased. There were reports of torture and abuse of suspects, although significantly fewer than in previous years. Police sometimes imposed collective punishments, including […]

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Italy and Bangladesh

Most of us have a mental picture or image of what a country is like. However if you were asked to compare two countries what would you start to think about? Maybe you would search for the differences and similarities between both countries, any way, I would take into consideration the main facts and differences […]

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Which country is most responsible for the Cuban missile crisis

Cuba is the least to blame for causing this crisis, though it still did have a part in causing the crisis due to some of its hostile actions. Firstly, it nationalized all American businesses in Cuba by taking over their businesses for the country instead to receive its profits. Also, it was responsible on behalf […]

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Republic of Congo

Throughout the history of Africa, whenever a substance of value is found the locals die. This was true for ivory, rubber, gold and oil. It is now true for diamonds. Diamonds, traditionally a symbol of love and beauty, have turned into a curse for many today. Diamonds are not only purchased for their intrinsic value, […]

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