Cost Control in Professional Sports

Professional sports, unlike most other industries in America, have provided with the opportunity to succeed. One possible focus of such a determination may be the present economic situation faced by NBA players. The top NBA players, and some not so top, have been made financially secure for life. At salaries near or in excess of […]

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Cost Concepts

Costs are fundamental concepts in business and many other fields. A good analysis of costs reveals the financial position of a company or organization and determines future performance. Losses and profits emanate from costs incurred during production of a product or in offering certain services say in a hospital. Product costing is the process of […]

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The cost of equity

The application of Capital Asset Pricing Model, Dividend Growth Model and Arbitrage Growth Model in estimating the rate of return that one feels company investors require as the minimum rate of return in terms of the relative investments required for investors in a company to earn on their investment in form of shares in the […]

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Tthe transaction cost theory of vertical integration

In this paper I attempt to explain how successful Transaction Cost theory of vertical integration is in explaining why some businesses have moved into e-commerce faster than others. Please note that by ‘faster’ I do not specifically mean the speed at which the adoption has taken place. More emphasis is put on the extent of […]

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Model the cost of a trip

The aim of this project is to design a new system for anyone to use to model the cost of a trip. I have decided to manage a spreadsheet for the Head of History, who is organizing a Trip for Year 10 to The History Museum. This trip is important for the students because I […]

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Anytime Fitness Analysis

Knowing the different costs that go along with a company are vital to operating and sustaining it. According to the information provided, Snap Fitness will have an estimated fixed cost of $4,000 for operating expenses and approximately $2,000 for leasing the gym equipment (Kimmel, 2009). The information also provides that Snap Fitness will need 300 […]

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Profit for the firm

From a financial perspective, what metric(s) should be calculated and why? The main purpose of taking on a project is to generate profit for the firm. Therefore the core concern should be if this project will return a profit and when. The clearest way to identify the profit potential is to calculate the breakeven point; […]

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Allied Products Assignment

Allied Products, Inc., has recently won approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS). This system is designed to give airplane pilots additional warning of approaching ground danger and thus help prevent crashes. Allied Products has spent $10 million in research and development the past four years developing […]

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Cost Reduction and Value Creation Through Value Methodology

Globalization has sharpened competition. Powerful factors are driving globalization: falling trade barriers; fast-paced technological advances; declining communications and transport costs; international migration; and highly mobile investment. The main challenge firms facing are how to take advantage of new resources and markets while dealing with intense and growing global competition. This paper addresses how Value Methodology […]

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Reduce total cost of ownership

Ever since knowledge economy appeared and technology developed, many organizations find their current price strategies far too inadequate in coming to terms with changes that occur in the market. As far as business with customer markets is concerned, consumers have more disposable incomes and are better educated. They have become more diverse, more demanding, more […]

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