Sa Sa Cosmetics Case Study

1. Nature of demand * Sa Sa International Holdings Limited is mainly a discount retailer of cosmetics. It also provides beauty and fitness service through nine Phillip Wain ladies’ health and beauty clubs. * Sa Sa’s sells a wide range of skincare, hair care, fragrances, and cosmetics (make-up). Below provides more information of the nature […]

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Garnier – College Essay

For more than 100 years, Garnier has been creating innovative and accessible cosmetics to cover multiple beauty needs. Today, Garnier is the 2nd largest brand in L’Oreal group and is sold in more than 64 countries. Its driving force lies in its dynamic spirit and strong optimism Established in 1904 in the city of Blois […]

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The History of Makeup

Makeup. Have you ever wondered how women from earlier times were supplied with makeup? In fact, Ancient Egyptians used anything from copper and lead ore to create the first cosmetics used in the world. However, today, cosmetics are scientifically advanced and can do everything from his pores, smooth complexions, and change eye color. Makeup has […]

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Leadership in Action: the Cosmetic Queen and the Software King

Mary Kay Ash is recognized as America’s greatest woman entrepreneur. She is known for empowering and opening doors of opportunity for women. She created a company “with heart” and with principles that praised people to success, put faith first, family second and career third. Bill Gates is the Chairman of the Microsoft Corporation, the worldwide […]

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Mary Kay – College Essay

Mary Kay is a cosmetics business which faced the problem that every company wished they had. They were growing so quickly that the system they have in place was no longer a viable option to process the orders they had coming in, which ranged from 25-30,000 per day. At the outset of the company, they […]

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Cosmetics Industry in Pakistan

The cosmetics industry developed rapidly soon after the creation of Pakistan. In the Indo-Pak Sub-continent, use of dies cosmetic materials like henna, ritha, sekakai (for washing hair), Mutlani clay, Beri ke patte (plum leaves) Mash ki Dal (black lentil) hair-oils, gewari (aloe vera) arq-e-gulab (rose water) olive and almond oil, sandalwood, ubtan, kajal (kohl) surma […]

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