Death And Corruption In Hamlet

Harold Blume said it best when he said, “Hamlet is deaths ambassador to us.” Throughout Hamlet, we have the images of death, decay, rottenness, and corruption pressed upon us. The imagery corresponds with the plot of the play perfectly, all culminating with the gravedigger scene. The corruption images illuminate the actions of the people in […]

Corruption in Public Sector

Corruption in government and public administration are a complex and pervasive phenomenon. In governance terms, corruption threatens the democratic public institutions by permitting the influence of improper interests on the use of power and public resources, and by depressing the citizen’s confidence in the justifiable activities of state. Internationally, there is a growing awareness that […]

Police Corruption

The term police corruption is defined as the abuse of police authority for personal gain or to gain advantage for the police organization. Police corruption can take the form of a variety of criminal activities ranging from actual commission of serious criminal (i. e. drug trafficking and money laundering) to the instances where police will […]

Coping with Corruption in Trading with China

Corporations across the globe deal in international business practices every day. When a company must to do business in countries with a high level of corruption, a company should have a plan that helps to maintain control over a key piece of intellectual property or some production process component that allows company to maintain power […]

The Evils of Corruption

Many studies have been conducted that show the evils or consequences of corruption. And corruption has taught the Nigeria a dangerous and wrong lesson that it does not pay to be honest, hardworking and law-abiding. Through corrupt means many political office holders acquire wealth and properties in and outside Nigeria; and many display their wealth […]

Police corruption

Police corruption is a problem that has and will continue to affect us all, whether we are civilian or law enforcement officers. An examination of any newspapers or police-related publications on any given day will have an article about an officer that got busted committing some kind of illegal act. Since its beginnings, many aspects […]

Political Corruption: A Widespread Disease

Political corruption is considered a disease, it said to be incurable, no definite action plan to prevent it. Corruption is everywhere, from a small town to a booming big city. But what is corruption? Corruption is defined as the misuse of public officials of their political power for their own personal favors, in terms of […]

Police Corruption

In a society that appears to have lost its moral compass in so many ways, the escalation of petty and violent crime, and the constant threat that substance abuse poses on the modern community model as example, civilians are relying on the police more than ever before. The role of law enforcement as fearless, and […]

Relevance of Philosophy

Political Philosophy/Ethics/Logic and reasoning play a great deal in decision making, espescially in economic ones. Economic policy implemented by certain governments will be dependent on their philosophy. As economics is all subjective. Conservative ideologies tends to keep taxes lower whereas liberal ideologies influence in taxing the rich more. I have found whilst learning about philosophy, that […]

Corruption in American Government

One of the most important technique in attaining economic and political development is curtailing corruption in the government. It has been widely believed that corruption is an enemy of economic progress since its effects undermine the move for general welfare. I dare say, it is akin to a shark that eventually kills myriad interests for […]

Analytical Writing on Corruption

Corruption as we know it is the misuse of national resources for one’s own personal benefit as hoarding money, property or assets which belong to someone else. Corruption is deviation from an ideal behavior. Why we deem politicians and government employees as corrupt? Because they have two things in common “power of authority” and “knowledge […]

Corruption Scenario in Bangladesh and Combating Strategies

1.Corruption in Bangladesh is endemic and systemic. It affects all aspects of daily life and has become a feature of ‘how things are done’ for many private businesses, politicians, government officials and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Furthermore, it has permeated many institutions that have a role to play in the fight against corruption, including the police […]

Bribery – College Essay

Bribery is broadly and brashly widespread in our country. In the present era, the evil of bribery is more manifestly present in the developing countries. However, bribery has appeared not from any void, but it takes its roots from the society concerned. Bribery is the result of red-tapeism, low salaries, immoral activities, materialistic preferences, ever […]

Freedom of Information Bill, a Solution to End Corruption

The House of Representatives miserably failed to ratify the Freedom of Information bill, would-be law 15 years in the making, because of the purported lack of a quorum to put the bill to a vote in the Lower House session hall. A month before that, then presidential candidate Benigno Aquino III promised that the FOI […]

Bribery: Investment and Country

Bribery is the act of giving money, favor or promise that serves to persuade or influence the conduct or judgment of an individual in a position of trust (Meriam Webster Dictionary). In Arabic terminology language, the word of “Rashwah” (رشوة) means corruption that synonym or in relation to bribery activities. This word was also seconded […]

The Power Corruption Cycle

Power refers to an individual’s influence on another person. This is in contrast with the concept of authority which refers to the power that is gained through a specific position or standing although both of these concepts are all central concepts found within organizations. Corruption, meanwhile, pertains to the misuse or abuse of one’s power […]

It Is Impossible to Free India from the Grip of Corruption

India was once considered as the Golden Bird as it was rich in resources and cultural heritage. Allured by these affluences foreigners who came to our motherland to establish business eventually invaded and ruled us for over 200 years. With an optimistic attitude we finally drove them out. But we did not appear to learn […]

Corruption India

Many of us believe that corruption is the biggest problem in India and if we could punish the corrupt by catching them, it would solve a lot of our problems. I would like to take a look at some of the root causes of corruption in India. The basic cause is that the government is […]

Impact of bribery and corruption on business

Some companies manage to survive and get away with bribery and corruption while others get caught up in public scandals that cost them a fortune destroying their brands, defending themselves and ultimately losing out on business, a top bribery and corruption-buster said. Retired Judge Ameer Ismail, Chairman of the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery […]

The deal with the corruption in the Philippines

Corruption is prevalent in the Philippines. It is even something that sticks to the idea of the Philippine “Government”. According to Transparency International in their 2013 Corruption Perception Index, the Philippines ranked 94th of the 177 countries in the survey. But knowing there are 83 more countries which are said to be more corrupt than […]

Media and corruption

In our democratic system we have the role of three important organs i. e. Legislature, Judiciary and Executive. These organs of state are assigned with different roles viz. making laws, deciding legality or illegality and Implementation of laws respectively. These three arms of the democracy are given their respective areas to work on and with […]

Young: Political Corruption

There are some points that the youths must follow; which may help to control the corruption. 1. Refuse to pay bribes and/or report requests for bribes from public officials; 2. Send articles on corruption to the media or start a newsletter by youth; 3. Bring the concept of social hates to the corrupted people in […]

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