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nlysisClearly Canadian Beverage Corporation Inventories analysis A.As a manufacturing company, Clearly Canadian Corporation, which produces and markets natural and flavored beverage products is expected to hold three kinds of inventories. These inventories are carried by Clearly Canadian in every phases (input, processing, output) in manufacturing the beverage. Inventories that are held by this company are […]

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The demise of Polaroid Corporation

All good things must eventually come to an end. Polaroid was founded by a brilliant Harvard University dropout in 1937, Polaroid Corp., which filed for bankruptcy protection on October 12th 2001, went from making 3-D glasses, desk lamps and filters for gunsights to become the number 1 maker of instant cameras in the world. Polaroid […]

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British Broadcasting Corporation

The upgrading and innovation in the sector of broadcasting has made the globe to be a small village. Individuals easily converse with each other across the world. News is channeled from one country to another across the planet. This has enabled people to be aware of what is happening in different parts of the world. […]

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Apple Corporation

Globalisation is an intricate interplay of management processes, such as communication, culture, manufacturing, business practices and the use of technologies on a global scale (Smith and Doyle, 2002). While tenets underlying globalisation are traceable long through the history, the new version of globalisation assumes an entirely different form. Globalisation is not just a change in […]

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Enron Corporation

Introduction and Company Profile Enron Corporation used to be one of the American energy companies which were based in Texas (Houston). It was a company that had more than twenty one thousand employees and grew at a very high rate. Enron had gone to the top of the list of companies dealing with natural gas, […]

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Corporation financial management

Clements plc is just about to pay dividend of 14p per share to its shareholders. Over the past five years, it has increased its dividend by %5 per annum, on average. The company has 1 million ordinary shares in issue with a current market price of 1.26 pounds (cum-dividend). The company also has 1 million […]

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Biopure Corporation: Delivering Lifesaving Oxygen

Biopure Corporation was founded in 1984 by entrepreneurs Carl Rausch, now president and CEO, along with David Judelson as a privately owned biopharmaceutical firm specializing in ultra-purification of proteins for human and veterinary use. In 1998, Biopure was one of the three legitimate contenders in the emerging field of “blood substitutes” or “oxygen therapeutics”. Blood […]

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Business analysis of the Corel Corporation

Corel Corporation is a leading developer of graphics software such as CorelDRAW, Ventura and Photo-paint. The company is in the high growth life cycle. The goal of Corel is to strengthen the company’s position in the graphic market. They think that their future success and future profitability is to grow through strategic investments and acquisitions. […]

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A Closer Look at the Kmart Corporation and Retail Stores

The Kmart Corporation is an intriguing company because of its obvious struggle to compete in the discount retail industry. With its current bankruptcy filing, Kmart seemed to be an interesting company to investigate regarding marketing practices. We have taken the opportunity to investigate Kmart’s past and offer suggestions for their future. Kmart has long been […]

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Management failure at Marks and Spencer

I. Introduction For over a century Marks and Spencer (M&S) has been regarded by many as a legendary retailing organisation. Both M&S’s management style and its individual leaders have been acknowledged as exemplars of ‘best practise’ (Mellahi et al, 2002). Peter Drucker (1974) described M;S as a ‘managerial giant in the western world’. Tse (1985) […]

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