Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a new concept that has practices as old as the creation of business. Corporate governance varies depending on culture, institution and a local country, despite its universal recognition as playing an instrumental role in determining the success of businesses. Corporate governance has been defined in a variety of ways and experts have […]

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Risk of Noncompliance

Corporate governance is the system by which corporate companies or organizations are directed and managed. It concerns the relationship between management, the Board of Directors, including committees of the Board, the controlling shareholder, minority shareholders and other stakeholders. The board of directors is the central unit of management. By defining the rights and responsibilities of […]

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Sample Utilitarian Analysis

In early 2005, Silicon Valley giant Hewlett-Packard found itself in the undesirable situation whereby confidential company information being leaked from its Board of Directors. Former Chairman of the Board, Patricia Dunn, ordered an investigation into the Board room leaks which encompassed two phases known as ‘Kona I’ and ‘Kona II’. Kona I started in early […]

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Corporate Governance in India

This paper provides detailed information about the mechanism and control of corporate governance in India. It examines the growing consciousness and awareness among intellectual. Corporate governance has succeeded in attracting a good deal of public interest because of its apparent importance for the economic health of corporations and society in general. However, the concept of […]

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A Taxonomy of Systems of Corporate Governance

This paper argues that debate on corporate governance in an international context is hampered by the lack of a coherent framework. A taxonomy of systems of corporate governance is proposed as a remedy. The taxonomy is based upon eight related, yet discernible characteristics: (1) the prevailing concept of the firm, (2) the board system, (3) […]

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Corporate Governance in Three Economies Germany, Japan and the United States

1. Strategy, Governance Concepts and Business Terminology: 1. Corporate governance 6. Legal structure 11. Crossholding 2. meeting of shareholders 7. Outstanding share 12. Limited liability companies 3. Long-term financing 8. Supervisory board 13. shareownership 4. Bond and equity market 9. Pension funds 14. Direct and Indirect households 5. Board of directors 10. Management board 15. […]

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