Coral reef

CORAL REEFS Almost every one of us have heard and most of you have seen the Coral reefs but did you know what actually these are: As a mariner its important to know about the marine life, that was one reason I have chosen this topic for my today’s short presentation. GM, my scheme of […]

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Great Barrier Reef

Benefit of this biodiversity – The benefits of biodiversity in this ecosystem in the coral reefs protect the shores from storms and the impact of waves, it provides humans benefits like food and medicine, and another one being it provides great economic benefits to the local community near the reef from tourists. (Shah, 2013) Major […]

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Environmental Effects of Tourism on Thai Coral Reefs

The tourism industry has grown exponentially over the previous twenty years, it is now a worldwide industry, both in terms of tourists and host destinations, and ‘is no longer confined to the developed countries that traditionally provided the demand for world travel’ (Page & Connell, 2006, pp. 4). World leaders have long been recognising the […]

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