The Social Convention Of Death In Literature

Our environment dictates how we live our lives and how we handle situations. Our environment also dictates how the people around us handle our death. Death is one important social convention of a society depicted in The Call of the Wild, Garden Party, the Great Gatsby, Bone, and Dulce Et Decorum Est. Death and the […]

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The Constitutional Convention

The Constitutional Convention of 1787 addressed to the tribulations associated with the fragile central government that was in play regarding the Articles of Confederation. The emerged issues included: the sectional disparities between the South, North, and Western areas that had become even more complex; matters of slavery, taxes, and sovereignty that had repeatedly put businessmen […]

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Difference Between Geneva and New York Convention

In the past, statutory provisions on arbitration were contained in three different enactments, namely, The Arbitration Act, 1940, the Arbitration (Protocol and Convention) Act, 1937 and the Foreign Awards (Recognition and Enforcement) Act, 1961. The Arbitration Act laid down the framework within which domestic arbitration was conducted in India, while the other two Acts dealt […]

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Developing a New Convention on Climate Change

It is a well known fact that the poorest people of the world are most vulnerable to destruction caused by natural disasters. The Asian tsunami provides evidence of this phenomenon. Increase in drought frequency in Africa is another reason why policymakers around the globe must consider decisions that would have a long-term impact on humanity […]

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Seneca Falls Convention

Throughout history women were not treated the same rights as men. Women were thought of as property, wives and mothers. People believed that women were inferior to men. Women could not own property and most of their education consisted of learning how to run a home. Men thought that they were more intelligent than women […]

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