Contract Negotiation Skills

Introduction Negotiation is a state of affairs whereby different parties to an argument are involved in consensus building. For instance, in commerce, negotiation occurs between a bank and the client over the advancement of a loan. In this regard, therefore, contract negotiation is the entering into a written agreement either in person or as a […]

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Contract Administration Procedures

Extension of time is applied in the building contract, which indicates the change of the time of completion of the project that emanate from events beyond control. There are three categories of the completion project delay. They are events which can not be avoided by both parties, events that can be prevented by the builder, […]

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Business Law: Law of Contract

Zach sold a restaurant to Shane for $295,000. As part of the agreement, Zach promised not to open another restaurant business for three years within a 50-mile radius of the one sold. Now, the problem is whether if this agreement enforceable against Zach? Under such parameters it should be noted that a contract is a […]

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The Social Contract

In the book ‘Of the Social Contract or Principle of Political Right’, Jean Jacques Rousseau, came up with a theory on how best a community can become a political community within the already existing community that is commercial. While in the book ‘On Liberty’ by John Mill it expresses how each individual has a right […]

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Contract Exercise

A contract is an agreement between two or more parties. Each party promises to do or not to do something. The five elements of a valid contract are: the offer, acceptance, consideration, capacity of parties to contract, and legal purpose. Contracts can be formed between individuals, businesses or a combination of both. Even individuals within […]

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This report addresses the issues related to the contract offered

Contracting with the department store chain will have several negative effects on the nature of the business. The core competency that has been established since the beginning will now change. The buyers will no longer use their knowledge and expertise to find genuine artifacts. Instead they must develop negotiation skills to deal with mass merchandising […]

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Contract law Essay

The nature of terms can be determined as a subject of any contract, which is to be set out. A term allows two parties having a binding obligation,. This allows them to perform a contract. The distinction between terms and representations can be stated as two different issues. This is because a term is an […]

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Charles and Alan

The case situation is concerning the business deal between Charles and Alan. There are 2 main issues to discuss in order to confirm whether there is any contract between them. First, is there any offer and acceptance between two parties. Second, will the promise made by Charles keep an offer open binding for Alan. These […]

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Mutual Mistakes in Contract Law

In contractual law, a mutual mistake is: “Where a mistake of both parties at the time of contract was made as to a basic assumption on which the contract was made has a material effect on the agreed exchange of performances, the contract is voidable by the adversely affected party unless he bears the risk […]

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Page v Gulf Coast Motors

Glenn A. Page was friend for a long time of Jerry Sellers, an owner of Gulf Coast Motors. Glenn began borrowing money from Gulf Coast Motors on a regular basis for two years. There was no formal loan process. Glenn would sign a ledger where it was written “I agree to pay Jerry Sellers as […]

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