External Consultancy

The external consultancy will have to train candidates and ensure they have the broad, general knowledge of the company. The organization will have to cover deep expertise training in the field in which applicants will carry out in their line of duty. The consultancy will undertake training in language and terms used in the company […]

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Relationship Between Consultancy and Companies’ Performance in Turkey

1.  Introduction. Consultancy is a professional service given to an organisation which is aimed at assisting the organisation to improve its overall performance by reviewing and critically analysing the problems which the organisation might be presently facing and coming up with a a plan on how to solve such problems (Weber 675).  Such services are […]

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Importance of Consultants for a Company

1.In order to evaluate the whole potential, it is necessary to know the market size (potential customers willing to pay $60 and more for the shirt in question), a rival analysis including potential upcoming competitors as well as the marketing expenditures for sich as launching and acknowledging of the brand. These are essential if HGS […]

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