Autochthony in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo & Africa

In Fratani Marshall’s article, the Ivorian crisis represents an emergence of a political situation, which leads to the occurrence of power struggles between indigenous Ivoirians and others who are excluded from the autochthony. The indigenous people consider themselves as being eliminated by outsides from key decision making functions prompting an uprising among ‘people of the […]

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The Congo Reform Association

In 1904, Dr. Henry Guinness, Roger Casement and Edmund Dene Morel founded the Congo Reform Association. This was a movement whose main objective was to assist the impoverished workforce in the Congo. They did this by drawing attention to their plight. Prior to this, a Swedish missionary, Mr. Sjoblom, together with Rev. J. Murphy of […]

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Corneas in the Congo

I. Duties and Responsibilities: As the head of a small aid agency in Congo, our duty is to cater the refugee’s health dilemmas and concerns. We must attend to their needs by providing them the right health services suited for their condition. Like what is happening in the camp, the refugees are in need of […]

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Congo and Democracy

The Congo is considerably one of the most common subject matters discussed in the United Nations.  The treaties and foreign policies that are crafted to bridge the countries Western collaboration is covered with numerous allegations and suspicions from critics questioning the endpoint of the West’s plan.

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