Conflict management definitions and views

The manager should understand the causes creating conflict, the outcome of conflict, and various ethos by which conflict can be managed in the organization. With this understanding, the manager should evolve an approach for resolving conflicts before their disruptive repercussions have an impact on productivity and creativity. Therefore, a manager should possess special skills to […]

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A Rocky 50 Years – Palestinian – Israelie relations

On a night meant to celebrate freedom, a man walked into a Seder in Nentanya, Israel, and took away the freedom of twenty-two Israelis. The suicide bomber, the fourteenth of two straight weeks of bombing, was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Left with no choice, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declared war […]

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International Conflict Analysis

The prevalence of conflict at any level of society, be it among individuals, organizations, states et cetera, is unavoidable. As a premise to his argument for the Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes posits that the natural condition of man is “a condition of war of everyone against everyone”1. Extrapolating from his premise, it is arguable that conflict […]

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Reflections on the Mystery of Suffering

The theme of the Stauros Notebook is “Reflections on the Mystery of Suffering. ” Over the past several months we have examined suffering as it is related to the violence of our times. In this issue we will consider suffering from a different angle. We will examine the Gospel of Mark and how it relates […]

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Why has there been conflict between Israel and her Arab neighbours since 1973

There are a number of key reasons for why there has been conflict between Israel and her Arab neighbours, especially the Palestinians, since 1973. One key reason is to do with Israel and the Arabs disputing who owns the land of Israel. This has led to conflict because both feel they have a claim to […]

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Conflict can never be fully resolved

England can breathe a sigh of relief at the moment, and rightly so – the worst riots they have witnessed for decades have been subdued. In light of this, a distant observer could understandably assume the conflict had been resolved. Yet, the increased number of police and vigilance on the streets is a sure indication […]

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Freud and Jung: Early Psychoanalytic Theories

Freud was considered the father of psychology and believed that human behavior was the result of unconscious conflict deep in the mind of individuals (Nystul, M. , 2005). Jung’s theory developed directly out of Freud’s psychoanalytic approach; however he refuted several of Freud’s key points and placed an even greater emphasis on the unconscious. Freud […]

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Conflict Theory

Peet Conflict theory originated with the work of Karl Marx In the mid 1800. Marx understood human society in terms of conflict between social classes, most notably the conflict in capitalist societies between the Bourgeois; those who owned the means. such as factories or farms, and the proletariat; those who did the work on the […]

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The Effects of Unresolved Conflict on the Longevity of a Marital Relationship

Longitudinal studies on the early years of marriage report that marital satisfaction declines and conflict increases within the first 6 years of marriage, with the greatest drop occurring in the first 2 years. (Huston & Houts, 2001) While commitment and communication are major things that contribute to this decline; it is not everything. Research has […]

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Regional Conflict

Contemporary political environment is characterized by numerous political hotspots. Iraq, Pakistan, Israel, and Palestine are the regional conflicts of international significance. Many national leaders neglect the risks of local military conflicts. In reality, local conflicts possess considerable potential to be turned into a global war. Iraq: global perspectives of a local conflict The military intervention […]

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