The Computer Worm Virus Computer Science Essay

The computer worms are programs that reproduce, duplicate independently and travel to spread across networks, it does not rely on the host file or boot sector and the transfer of files between computers to spread and this is the main key difference between the computer virus and the worm virus. Computer Worms are skilled to […]

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The Graphical User Interface Computer Science Essay

A Graphical User Interface is a system of graphical elements that allow the end user to interact with the underlying software of the GUI using simple mouse operations. MATLAB has in-built support for GUI development and programming. Since we were already using it for our vision processing, we decided to design our GUI also using […]

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The Goals Of Operating Systems Computer Science Essay

Different personality have different views base on operating system. To a college student operating system is software that allow to access internet. To programmer operating system is software that makes it possible to implement programs on the computer. To user of application package software that makes easy to use the package. The main aspect of […]

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The Classic Transportation Problem Computer Science Essay

Classic Transportation Problem is a significant research issue in spatial data analysis and Network analysis in GIS; it helps to answer problems which relate in matching the supply and demand via set of objectives and constraints. The objective is to determine a set of origins and destinations for the supply so as to minimize the […]

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The Characteristics Of Bluetooth Technology Computer Science Essay

It is a short range communication technology to connect to devices using short-range radio frequency(RF) which is intended to replace communication that uses cabling. It is used mainly to establish wireless personal area networks (WPAN),commonly referred to as AD-HOC or peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. This technology now a days are integrated into many types of business […]

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The Functions Of Netbios Computer Science Essay

NetBIOS was developed by IBM and sytek as an API for client software to access LAN resources anda also for accessing networking services. Netbios has extended its services to use netbios interface to operate on IBM token ring architecture. Netbios(network basic input/output system) is a program which allows communication between applications of different computer to […]

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The Characteristics And Applications Of Manets Computer Science Essay

Chapter 1 The advent of ubiquitous computing and the creation of new, powerful, efficient, portable computing devices have focused the importance of mobile and wireless networking. Mobile wireless communications and networking is an emerging technology that allows users to access information and services electronically at any time, regardless of their geographic positions. There are two […]

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The Frequency Spectrum Allocated By Malaysian Communication Computer Science Essay

International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000), also known as 3G or 3rd Generation, is the generation standard for mobile phones and telecommunication services. This generation is to meet specifications by the International Telecommunication Union. Various applications exist, including wide-area wireless voice phone, video calls, mobile, mobile TV Internet access and others. The details spectrum for IMT-2000 shows […]

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The Fetch Execute Cycle Computer Science Essay

Within this report about Computer Hardware, the report will cover the main concepts of computer hardware. Within this report there will be information about the main concepts of a computer system also. These main concepts will include Processors, Memory (Primary and Secondary), Input and output devices under the user types and networking, and support elements […]

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The Examples Of Operating Systems Computer Science Essay

Today, people rely on so many kinds of technology. For instance, people use computers for research, school related, pleasure, and to communicate with their friends. People use other technologies like Bluetooth, GPS, etc for their own needs. Basically, our world is evolving around technology; without it, then the citizens will go insane thus their lives […]

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