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Information and computer technology on banking

The banking sector has embraced the use of technology to serve its client’s faster and also to do more with less. Emerging technologies have changed the banking industry from paper and branch based banks to “digitized and networked banking services”. Unlike before, broadband internet is cheap and it makes the transfer of data easy and […]

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Computer Security and Ethics Exam. Computer software network security. Define cyberextortionist.

Which of the following is any event or action that could cause a loss of or damage to computer hardware, software, data, information, or processing capability? Computer Security Risk Which of the following has the same intent as a cracker, but does not have the technical skills and knowledge? script kiddie Which of the following […]

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Computer Software: Multiple Choice Questions

Productivity software that has sophisticated features to help you produce typeset-quality output is considered software. A. Word processing Web authoring desktop publishing spreadsheet 10. The type of system software designed to help you monitor and configure settings for your computer system equipment is settings set utility execution confining 1 1 . The type of system […]

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