Components and materials of rocket engine

Rocket engine are built to work either with liquid of solid propellants or even a mixture of the two, hybrid propulsion systems like the one used in SpaceShips. Liquid rocket engines are subdivided into mono-propellant and bi-propellant. The first works either as a system of cold gas or catalyst for propellant’s exothermal decomposition. Typical bi-propellant […]

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Importance of Studying the Cell and its Components

The bodies of all animals and plants are made up of tiny microscopic units called cells. These make up the structure of the organism and are responsible for carrying out the various processes characteristic of the organism. Some organisms are composed of only one cell and are referred to as unicellular and include Amoeba, Paramecium […]

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Components of a database and how Amazon uses each component

According to Erwin and Blewett (1998), a database system is made up of a database that keeps record of all data which is relates to a given area, a data dictionary that gives details of information about the what is in the database and the database management system that helps in the way the database […]

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