Shakespeare’s Macbeth as portrayed by Roman Polanski and the Royal Shakespeare Company

Before watching any of the above versions I read the brief script for the first scene. From this piece of the script I would expect each of our extracts to fulfill the wishes of Shakespeare: set in ‘an open place’ and with ‘thunder and lightning.’ Yet these are the only stage directions so the production […]

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Changes in the business environment and their impacts on business strategies

The external environment of a business affects all its decision. Changes in the business environment of businesses create both opportunities and constraints for the business. They stem from various sources including economic, social, technological, legal and political factors. Different firms will be affected by different factors, but all will be subject to economic changes. Markets […]

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The business that affect the business, and it has no control over them

Ikea External influences are factors outside of the business that affect the business, and it has no control over them. Competition Ikea have got many competitors nearby but this does not have a major affect on them as they are constantly competing on prices, quality, availability and their product range. They have got many different […]

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Business – External Influences

Every business is part of an external network called the Environment. This network plays a large role in the way a business functions and is run. The effects of the environment on the business can be both a boon or a bane to the business. The External Environment in which a business operates can be […]

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Every business experiences external influences which they need to manage properly

hey normally have less control over this. A business has to face external influences from three main areas: ‘Business Competitors’, ‘Economic Conditions’ and ‘Environmental Constraints’. If a business does not respond to these changes efficiently then it is unlikely to be successful because its competitors will steal its customers. “Business Competitors”. A. Nearly all businesses […]

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Creating a new sytem database for Original Horizon Electronics

The Original Horizon Electronics is a well-established wholesaler that deals with disco equipment, in car entertainment as well as T.V and video repairs. Mr. R. Sharma, the company director, established the company in 1983, and now has four flagship branches across London. The company boasts a large range of electrical manufacturers, such as Longmill, Pioneer, […]

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Modern Business environment

Modern Business environment is a rapidly changing environment. Marketing, as an important aspect of modern business, need more theories and techniques support in dealing with this environment. Therefore, the appropriate application of marketing theories and techniques poses great effect on business performance. Capabilities Based Marketing is a promising approach in handling some confusing marketing problems, […]

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Marketing Concepts – Cadbury

We have chosen the Cadbury Limited as our business organisation; the report will reflect on how issues such as the design and manipulation of its marketing mix and positioning: environmental factors, added value, customer purchasing behaviour, segmentation requirements, competitive and strategic considerations affect Cadbury. This is a vast market both nationally and internationally. The report […]

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International Business Environment

1) Discuss the implications of the availability and use of the Internet for the Uppsala model of internationalization. International Business concerns commercial cross-border activities. It is the international movement of goods, capital, services, employees, and technology. “Businesses undertake international operations in order to expand their sales, acquire resources from foreign countries or diversify their activities.” […]

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Reliance Industries PLC

1. Introduction According to the case, Reliance Industries PLC is a UK based manufacture of mainly suspension and braking parts for the automotive industry. Five years ago, the company purchased the loss-making Ashton and Shaw UK ltd, primarily a manufacture of electrical sub-assemblies for the automotive sector. As a result of significant investment in new […]

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