Companies or Employers

Do we really know the people who are our neighbors, the people we are working with, or even the people who are responsible for taking care of our kids and our old folks back at home? I have been concerned that many people misrepresent and lie about their backgrounds and their credentials. This is an […]

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Common professional expectations in American companies

On the background of modern process of globalization, the borders between different states have become easy to cross. As a result many multinational companies and transnational corporations appear all over the world. Today many organizations face serious difficulties working in new global conditions as they have to alter their working principles in order to meet […]

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America’s Most Admired Companies

In the recent times, companies have been forced to up their game in terms of customer service and quality of products in order to be considered admirable entities. Interviewed professionals were expected to give their views on the companies they admire the most and those perceived to give the customers value for their money. The […]

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Limited Liability Companies

Financial planning and management are two basic things that any given firm must undertake in order to become more efficient and relevant in its operations. Whether the organization is a parastatal, a public company, private company or any form of business enterprise, the financial undertakings are very essential because once they are interfered with the […]

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Mercenary Companies and the Decline of Siena by William Caferro

Mercenary Companies and the Decline of Siena as written by Caferro focuses on the most dramatic issues faced on the Italian peninsula in the 1300s. This mainly revolves around the marauding mercenary companies’ raids. These companies were locally known as Companies of adventure and more in general, Free Companies that included private armies with professional […]

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Independent directors constitute at least one-third of their boards will be delisted

Companies that fail to comply with SEBI’s revised ‘clause 49’ to ensure that independent directors constitute at least one-third of their boards will be delisted. To ensure corporate governance the securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has stipulated that effective from January 2006 at least one-third of the directors on the board of a […]

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What Factors Explain the North/South Divide in the United Kingdom

The North/South divide is arguably one of the most important features in this country’s development. In recent years politicians, academics and many other members of society have outlined the country’s huge inequalities between the ‘rich and prosperous’ South and the ‘socially and economically depressed’ North. This essay will attempt to discover how this massive segregation […]

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O2, T-Mobile and Orange

Organisations use many different types of documents to communicate with buyers, suppliers and staff. To complete this task I am going to use two documents from three different companies, I have chosen to use publications form three mobile operators, O2, T-Mobile and Orange. I am going to start with the sales brochure from O2. The […]

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Human Rigths

Generally it is known and accepted that the purpose of major companies are founded huge profits. Last decades, companies’ profits are increased rapidly. According to Fortune 500, there is a list of top ten companies such as Walmart ($482,130), Exxon Mobil ($246,204), Apple ($233,715), Berkshire Hathaway ($210,821), and McKesson ($181,242), United Health Group ($157,107), CVC […]

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Strategic Management for Altria Group of Companies

The Altria group of companies boasts a wide-array of products. Altria Group is the parent company of Kraft Foods, Philip Morris International, Philip Morris USA and Philip Morris Capital Corporation. The group is engaged in the production of consumer products, including tobacco, packaged food and beverages. The group operates primarily in the US and Europe. […]

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A Productive and Respectful Work Environment

Why is it that some companies succeed and some companies fail? Is there something that can be done to create a work environment that promotes both productivity and respect? It is no secret that companies that achieve success are set apart from the rest. In essence, these companies simply have something special about them. They […]

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Ownership of Topshop and Police

There are two types of businesses, private and public. The difference between public companies and private companies is their ownership. Private held companies are under control of a single or group of shareholders when public companies are owned by the government. Ownership of the business Top shop is operating in private sector. It is a […]

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Hypocrites and Idealists

Engaging the legal profession to take part in a business battle for the sake of consumer product safety and fair competition may be an idealistic goal but nevertheless a difficult endeavour to achieve. According to the companies who are initiating the lawsuits against competitors hiring illegal workers, these business competitors are hurting their businesses. Makes […]

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Excessive Executive Compensation

Excessive executive remunerations packages have been the bulk of splashy headlines, workplace concern, community and political debate about ethical justifications of the huge disparity between compensations of the company’s CEO and a factory worker. Abstract This research paper aims to explore the issue of the existing extra ordinary huge difference between compensations that exists between […]

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Evaluation of Future Possibilities for Companies

Budget has been always the problem of any sector of the government in sustaining their daily operations. Every year, the budget turn out of the state has been deflating due to other expenditures where the government is into, say, the Cold War (Brower). In this regard, the need for an efficient and proper allocation of […]

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Goldbricking is one of the things that limit the level of productivity in the 21st century companies. When used in relation to an organization, the term captures the situation whereby staffs or employee of company “loafs around” on the internet diverting their “productive time” into chatting, sending emails, playing games, watching latest movies and doing […]

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Analysis of Two Firms

I will be analyzing two firms for comparison and contrast regarding management decisions. The two firms being discussed are Hitachi, headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and Phillips Electronics, heaquartered in the Netherlands. Both have similar products in which they produce for consumer purchase, therefore, both companies have the issue of providing cutting-edge technology. Comparative and Contrast […]

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Why Are Some Brands Successful

The main reason of setting up a company is to become successful. There are many different aspects of it: popularity of brand, high income, being a leader. But why some brands became successful and others did not? I want to show few important aspects to become successful on example of “Dove” brand ( part of […]

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Developing Good Business Sense

Most customers expect to find the products they want in the shelves without even caring about the processes used to produce these goods. This way, the companies have an obligation of ensuring that the goods have been made available to their clients whenever they require them. The companies thus have to employ a very effective […]

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Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine

In the case of Del Monte Fresh Produce Co. v. Dole Food Co, Funk worked for Del Monte as a Senior Vice – President and was in charge of Research and Development for that company. He entered into a confidentiality agreement with Del Monte. Subsequently, Funk tendered his resignation from the job of vice – […]

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Data security in Outsourcing

Companies that outsource their requirements often consider the possibility of using offshore resources. Outsourcing strategies increasingly adopt use of offshore components. Now, with the sluggish economy in the US and the prospects of savings, more companies look to outsource their IT projects offshore. However the security of their data had always been a concern with […]

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