The Importance of Community Service at Church from Nursing Perspective

The church of recent times has taken many initiatives in the community service that help the community members with social, emotional and psychological support. These have been services initiated and done by religious organizations in most parts of the world with the idea of helping to improve and save the lives of many Christians and […]

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Importance of community service

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ” This is a famous quote by Winston Churchill talking about the importance of helping others. Community service has been a forever, long service done by generous people in communities in the effort to improve their neighborhood. Those […]

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Community service

While high schools should encourage students to participate in community service, it should not be made a graduation requirement. If students are forced to do community service they will develop a cynical attitude towards it. Requiring community service in high school will discourage future involvement. Cartoon number 11 points out that community service cannot make […]

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