Radio: A Form Of Communication

Radio: A Form of Communication Physics Idoh Gersten Mr. Zambizi Physics March 12, 1995 Radio is a form of communication in which intelligence is transmitted without wires from one point to another by means of electromagnetic waves. Early forms of communication over great distances were the telephone and the telegraph. They required wires between the […]

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History Of Communication

Since the beginning of time, people have had the need to communicate with one and other. The most common type of communication is speech, but you could not talk to someone who lived 20 miles away. Then written language was developed, people marked symbols on paper, stone, or whatever was available. Then hundreds of years […]

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Communication has always been of the highest impor

tance to members ofany society. Without communication how would anyone know the day’s current events, know about jobs or know what is happening with one’s family. Most communication had been face to face verbal exchange. Then printed word became a way to communicate especially at a distance. Information took quite awhile to arrive at its […]

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Communication in Business

It has always been said that proper communication is an integral part of the prosperity. To this effect, proper and well established communication systems need to be put in place if any triumph is to be achieved. The importance of proper communication is not limited to any field and therefore should be implemented in its […]

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Business Communication Using Visual Aids

“A flow chart is a step-by-step diagram of a procedure or a graphic depiction of a system or organization” (Lehman, 2007). Flow charts provide a good form of communicating business objectives through provision of various applicable business formats. This especially entails the explanation of business entities that are essentially given in a stepwise format. The […]

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Business Communication Coursework Portfolio: Scenario Response

A Communication to the Staff Affected: Letting Them Know the Initial Details about the Situation. ALG retail is a small family company that sells a range of electrical appliances and relationships within company rather friendly and family like than official. Therefore, the only appropriate channel to communicate such kind of unpleasant information delicately is with […]

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Business Communication Cases

Dear Mr., This is to inform you that three weeks ago I appeared for an interview with you for retail marketing. I want to thank you heartily for offering me the job position. You have mentioned that you can hold the position for 10 days. However, I have an earnest request to make and I […]

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Technologies on Communication

The use of new technology has been beneficial to the criminal justice systems. Some of the positive effects include the following. Firstly, the capacity to store the data and process large volumes of data has become possible. Thus, the concerned agencies do not need to store the large volumes of data in physical files. Data […]

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Management Terms Communication

1. Phone Etiquette Phone etiquette is a matter of personal responsibility on the part of the user. Mobile phones have ensured more freedom for the user, but this freedom also comes with accountability. If the user feels that using the phone is more important than attending to the customers, then that will determine the nature […]

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Technical Communication Methods and Practices Paper and Presentation

The protocols commonly used in majority of law enforcement institutions are provided for under the jurisdiction of the country laws. Prior to the occurrence of an incident, for instance, a crime incident the officer needs to be in a vantage position of picking relevant details that go according to the specific incident scene. The officer […]

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