Commercial Real Estate

Financial sources for commercial real estate include mortgage banking firms, regional banks, insurance companies and private investors (Omugussi, 2). Business owners need to evaluate the type of loan conditions when being offered loans by lenders. The evaluation should be based on the needs of the business owner which should include the anticipated growth and the […]

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Dave Barry: Red, White, and Beer

Paragraph 1: Like, when I see those strongly pro-American Chrysler commercials, the ones where the winner of the Bruce Springsteen Sound-Alike Contest sings about how The Pride Is Back, the ones where Lee Iacocca himself comes striding out and practically challenges the president of Toyota to a Knife fight, I get this warm, pound feeling […]

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Allegiance Commercial Real Estate

In assessing this situation, it is important to carefully consider the views of every person involved. In this case, we have to consider the views of: my present employer, my present boss, the residential owners, and of course, myself.

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