Spain’s Colonies in the America

The Spanish administration rested upon a balance of power groups which are the administration, church and the local elites. The administration possessed political though little military power, and derived its authority from the sovereignty of the crown and its own bureaucratic function. Secular sovereignty was reinforced by the church, whose religious mission was backed by […]

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Population Changes In English And French North American Colonies

Though France began exploring North America well before England, English colonists vastly outnumbered those from France for a variety of economic and social factors. In terms of economics, England’s Atlantic coast colonies were well-suited for agriculture; the South’s warm climate was suited for cash crops like tobacco, rice, and later cotton. Despite Virginia’s early struggles, […]

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New England Colonies Compare to Chesapeake

By the 1700s, New England and the Chesapeake region had developed very distinct societies. This dichotomy can be traced from the very foundation of the colonies. The New England colonies were founded as examples of pure religion, each was to “be as a city upon a hill. “1 In contrast to this worthy cause, the […]

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Apush Practice

The Middle Colonies were the most ethnically and religiously diverse of the thirteen original colonies because of the influence of their Polish, English, Dutch, French and German origins. This influence included tolerance in religion, and resulted in New Netherland’s success as the commercial center of the eastern North American colonies. This was evident by the […]

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Diverse Purposes of England’s American Colonies

Each of the English colonies had different purposes and things to contribute. There were thirteen original colonies, each playing a different role from the other. Some colonies had purposes that were more different than others and over time these roles changed and varied. The first colony to be founded in 1607, Virginia, was called a […]

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British Colonies

Essay By 1763, American colonies were becoming more and more separated from Britain. In 1763-1776 these British imperial policies led to more colonial anger and hatred of British rule. In these 13 years the British enforced new taxes and set up many disliked restrictions on colonial life. All of these changes led the colonies to […]

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Consideration of Slaves in French & English American Colonies

As every middle-school student in the United States learns, the practice of slavery was a hugely important part of life in the European colonies of the Americas and pre-Civil War independent United States. Important enough, indeed, that without it, the colonies would likely not have endured for lack of labor and, therefore, economic viability. Naturally, […]

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The Three Most Influential Colonies in Colonial North America

By the end of the exploration period in America, there were 13 colonies that had been established. All of these gave large contributions to the budding country, but in my eyes there were three that stood out among the rest, and for obvious reasons. These three colonies collectively showed development for self government, educational opportunity, […]

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