Blood Banana Case Study

They will find another job or another way of earning their living, the cycle of life doesn’t stop when you become unemployed ! and if you asked them would they prefer losing their jobs temporary or losing their lives forever? Am pretty sure they won’t chose the second alternative. The company already thought about its […]

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FARC: Coming Closer to its End

Colombia has been in turmoil with the Marxist-Leninist group called FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) for almost fifty years. However, since 2002 with the election of Alvaro Uribe things have begun to change. Alvaro Uribe’s policy of “Democratic Security” or “get tough” agenda that involves aggressive action against the FARC economically, judicially, and militarily, […]

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Dances of Colombia

Colombia is country diverse influences attributed to their geographical location, vibrant history, and various ethnic groups(Davis, 1990). Venezuela and Brazil in the east; Ecuador and Peru in the south; Atlantic Ocean in the north; and Panama and the pacific ocean in the west are the borders of Colombia, a Republic in South America(Davis, 1990). The […]

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Panama City

Excursiones – Panamá One of your friends back home is planning a trip to Panamá with her family this summer. Since you have been driving across the country, and visiting the sites, you plan to write a letter to her telling her about some of the things that stand out from your trip that she […]

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