The Subcategories of Individualism and Collectivism

In the cold war, the Western countries and the Eastern took sides on communism and capitalism. It has not changed much since the war ended, though. In “Harmony and the Dream,” Brooks divided the world into two parts: individualism and collectivism. Even though this kind of categorizing is simple for readers to understand, the drawback […]

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Person’s identity

Individualism in cultures means loose ties. Everyone is expected to look after one’s self or immediate family but no one else. Individualism is about the rights of the individual. Dubrin (2004) noted it seeks to let each person grow or fail on their own, and sees group-focus as denuding the individual of their inalienable rights. […]

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Individualism VS collectivism

Collectivism and individualism both were originally just different assortment of behaviors adopted in different regions around the world. Similar to the concept of customs and traditions, it’s almost impossible to identify a specific date to when a culture started. Basically, the emergence and prominence of international media was one of the strongest factors that helped […]

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