Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola

The competitive nature that characterizes the current economy has affected the majority of companies, and Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola are no exception. Coca-Cola was initially formed in 1886, its main objective was to sale soda fountains as mental and physical relaxers. Later it was affected by the increased counterfeits and imitations. Pepsi-Cola was invented seven years […]

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Increasing market share in Japan – Coca-Cola

We have been active in the Japanese market since 1957 and seen a constant growth rate. With economic conditions being the way they are today, a downturn in the US economy, we must look to the over seas market. We know we can be successful in Japan, because currently we hold about 80 percent of […]

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Advertising & Promotion – Assignment

The Coca Cola Company is the world’s largest drinks company, controlling more than half the global soft drinks market. It’s principal brand is, of course, Coca Cola itself, the single most valuable brand in the world, with an estimated value of $68.9 billion for 2000 and actual sales of over $15 billion. However, the company […]

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Coca Cola Factory and Port of Brisbane

This report will include the various factors influenced the selection of location for both the Coca Cola Amatil and the Port of Brisbane. The report will also include factors on the location which should be discussed. Factors such as landscape, access to transport facilities, proximity to raw materials, room for expansion, power supplies, access to […]

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Coca Cola – 535 words – College Essay

Coca Cola is a large public limited company (plc) its owners are all shareholders, meaning that it has a lot of directors due to its large size. These directors are responsible for the way the business is run. Each director has his own department which he/she controls; he is responsible for every thing that comes […]

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Coca-Cola – 282 words – College Essay

The product I have chosen is Coca-Cola, therefore I have decided to adopt extension strategies by changing the marketing mix.To extend the lifecycle, a brand or a product, the organisation may need to re-adjust the ingredients of the marketing mix. New ideas are needed for improvements of the product, line extensions or improved promotions. Company […]

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Enterprise at Coca Cola

Enterprise is a set of characteristics to start up a business or a project. They come under 5 categories: Self-confidence and motivation, risk taking, identifying and exploiting marketing opportunities, ability to innovate and ability to build teams and inspire. The people who carry out enterprise are called entrepreneurs. Enterprising behaviour is when someone demonstrated these […]

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Coca-Cola – 1266 words – College Essay

The European Union (EU) is when the countries governments work together to agree on certain rules and regulations to gain a lot of benefits from each other as the EU countries will all have similar aims and objectives. The Eu was set up by the treaty of Rome in 1957 when it included just 6 […]

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Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi 2006

Cola Wars discusses the economics and strategic issues involved with the most notable companies In the business of carbonated soft drinks, Coke and Pepsi. The case also discusses the ramifications of fierce Industry competition and Its effects on profitability. Both Coke and Pepsi (concentrate producers) manufacture concentrate that is then sold to franchisees (bottlers) of […]

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A Review on the Social Performance of Coca-Cola

An examination of the performance of Coca-Cola Coca-Cola is a brand that needs no introduction; being in existence since 1886, it has since grown into one of the world’s most powerful brands. Over the years, as Coca- Cola grew larger, so did the number of stakeholders; thus increasing the importance of upholding the principles of […]

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Coca-Cola Business Factors

Coca Cola was invented by Dr. John Pemberton in 1886 when he concocted a mixture of water, sugar, caffeine and extracts of the coca leaf and the kola nut. The concoction was originally marketed as a headache remedy, but was not successful due to poor advertising and Pemberton’s ailing health. In 1 888, Pemberton sold […]

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The Cola War Continues

The software drink industry has been very profitable historically because the manufacturing process requires low cost of overhead. Although this is not the case for bottlers, the high volume and demand for CSD allow for the market to be very attractive to incumbents. Since the 1970s, the CSD industry has been enjoying an average growth […]

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Strategic Innovation

This paper identifies the problem and unmet opportunities related to Coca-Cola Company. It develops an innovative strategy to address the problem. It used innovative business design model to solve-out the problems and take them as an opportunity for organization. The use of IBDM is effective for the creation of an innovation business product. Following are […]

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Coca Cola Industrial Analysis

Coca-Cola has strong brand recognition across the globe. The company has a leading brand value and a strong brand portfolio. Coca-Cola is the leading brands in the top 100 global brands ranking in 2012 (Interbrand). Interbrand also valued Coca-Cola at $67,000 million. Coca-Cola ranks well ahead of its close competitor Pepsi which has a ranking […]

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Coke Classic Verses Pepsi: The Choice of a New Generation

The American Soft drink has become an internationally recognized icon. As a children we choose our preference Coca-Cola or Pepsi-cola. We go to restaurants and ask for it by name, and if for some ungodly reason, we are forced to submit to one or the other we do it with reluctance and hesitation. Coke-cola and […]

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Technological Environment and Coca-Cola

For a company like The Coca Cola Company, the technological environment is a very important part of how to stay relevant and how to stay ahead of the competition. When it comes to mobile devices and how to utilize this age of smart phones and the apps that come with them, The Coca Cola Company […]

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Coca-Cola Advertisement Analysis

As I read the Coca-Cola ad, the first thing I notice is the word “America” because of its very large size and very appealing font. I believe the advertiser’s emphasis on the virtues of the word were to appeal to an audience, which would be all of America, and to sell its product. Doing this […]

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A Report on the Product/Services/Promotional Strategies of Coca-Cola

The internet today has become the default source of information. This has brought a drastic change in the marketing and service policy of businesses. Websites make it very convenient to place all the information the company wants to provide in one place and easily accessible to all parts of the globe. Today the genuineness of […]

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How Coca-Cola Gets the Largest Share of Cola Sales

Coca-Cola Company is formulated in 1866 in Atlanta. It is the world’s largest company which produces soft drinks and operates its business all over the world. There are several series products of Coca-Cola, such as Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite and Fanta. In daily lives, the products of Coca-Cola can be seen in […]

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Coca-Cola – College Essay

In a very competitive business environment, any organization seeking to achieve its goals ought to have a formidable strategy which will enhance its competitive advantage (Pendergrast, 2000). As such, strategic management forms a core part of an organization’s business process. This paper critically analyses the strategic plan of the Coca-Cola Company. Company Background The Coca-Cola […]

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Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company is the manufacturer, distributor and marketer of soft drinks. The company has operations in more than 200 countries under the reputed brand names viz. , Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite. Apart from this, the company owns licenses for more than 450 brands for manufacturing of non-alcoholic beverages which are concentrates and artificially […]

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The Coca-Cola Company Profile

The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s leading beverage company. With a brand value of 78.5 billion dollars, Coca-cola is the world’s number one brand according to Interbrand. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the company distributes carbonated soft drinks, light and diet beverages, waters, juices and juice drinks, teas, coffees, energy and sports drinks in over 200 […]

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