Irrelevance of United Nations in Current Political Climate

The United Nations(UN) is an International organization with Universal membership specialized agencies and development funds which are used to cover a wide scope of action ranging from economic development of different countries, security, social progress ,enforcement of international law and acting as human rights watchdog. The United Nations was founded in 1945 after the Second […]

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Effect of Climate Change on Biodiversity

Climate change is a concept that explains changing natural conditions. This includes concentrations of the various components of air such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen. In simpler terms, we can describe climate change as changes in the long-term environmental conditions. “Biodiversity is the degree of how diverse living organisms are, from all ecosystems like […]

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Rocks can restore our climate… after 300,000 years

A study of a global warming event that happened 93 million years ago suggests that the Earth can recover from high carbon dioxide emissions faster than thought, but that this process takes around 300,000 years after emissions decline. Scientists from Oxford University studied rocks from locations including Beachy Head, near Eastbourne, and South Ferriby, North […]

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Climate change aiding spread of crop attacking pests and diseases: study news

Pests and diseases that attack crops are spreading with climate change, according to a study. Researchers from the universities of Exeter and Oxford say the climate change is helping crop pests to move at an average of two miles (3km) a year. According to the team, the pests were heading towards the north and south […]

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Researchers warn of disastrous consequences of geo-engineering plan to curb global warming

Researchers have warned that attempts to reverse the impacts of global warming by injecting reflective particles into the stratosphere could worsen the impact on the environment. According to a new study, the idea, seen as a last-ditch effort to rein in runaway climate change, could cut rainfall in the tropics by 30 per cent. The […]

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Climate disputes have little effect on the public, says study

Researchers have tracked how media coverage can affect levels of public interest in climate science by comparing volumes of searches for climate change issues on Google’s search engine. They analysed data available on Google Trends between 2004 and 2013, looking in particular at the period around ‘climategate’ and the discovery of an error in the […]

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Reducing emissions will be the primary way to fight climate change: study news

Forget about positioning giant mirrors in space to reduce the amount of sunlight being trapped in the earth’s atmosphere or seeding clouds to reduce the amount of light entering earth’s atmosphere. Those approaches to climate engineering aren’t likely to be effective or practical in slowing global warming. A new report by professors from University of […]

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Modern humans born from climate change: study

Early human evolution was driven by short pulses of rapid environmental change in East Africa, according to new research from academics at UCL and The University of Manchester. The study, which is published in the journal PLoS ONE, has shown for the first time the link between the waxing and waning of huge lakes in […]

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Global warming: govt to set up National Institute of Himalayan Glaciology

In a move that is being seen as a significant snub to IPCC and its chief Dr R K Pachauri, the government has announced it would set up a new body to monitor the effects of global warming as it could not rely on the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC and […]

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The ‘carbon footprint’ of power generation

We are all aware of global warming; but fewer of us realise what exactly the notorious ‘carbon footprint’ implies. Prakash Nayak, chairman, IET Power Panel explains, outlining activities which generate the biggest and smallest carbon footprints Most of us have heard of the ‘carbon footprint’; that notorious culprit responsible for the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the […]

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