How to Do Household Cleaning Efficiently

Everyday as we live we produce some rubbish in our room, so it is neccesary to do some household cleaning in order to provide a comfortable place for us to study and to have rest. But if you do not follow the right order, it might take you a few hours to do the whole […]

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Cleanliness in American Schools

Cans, dust, paper, broken pencils, and sometimes food lurk through out the halls of many schools. It’s our fault the schools look the way they do. Why not clean it up? Janitors do not get paid enough like teachers do, the least we could do is make it easier for them. This policy should be […]

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Importance of Cleanliness

“Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world”, said George Bernard Shaw. Respected teacher and my dear friends a very good morning to one and all. Today I stand before you all to say a few words on the topic ‘Importance of Cleanliness’. In simple words, […]

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Psychology and Adrian Stephenson Center

Garbage Pollution My Assignment on Garbage Pollution Name: Adrian Stephenson Center #: 100152 Candidate’s: 100152075 Territory: Jamaica Proficiency: General Acknowledgement I would like to acknowledge all the persons who have helped me to complete this assignment. These persons are my mother and my sociaGarbage Pollution My Assignment on Garbage Pollution Name: Adrian Stephenson Center #: […]

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