Technology in the Math Classroom

The power of novel technology is deemed as one of the strongest forces influencing the modern evolution and the growth in math teaching and mathematics (International Society for Technology in Education, 2000). In education, technology amplified the significance of specific ideas, topics and problems making them more accessible and also offered new methods of presenting […]

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Self-Contained Classroom

Some schoolchildren have special needs. Recognizing these needs, educators should find out ways to satisfy the needs, and provide these children the appropriate program of instruction. Most often, the regular classroom instruction is not the answer to the problem. In such case, the self-contained classroom may be a good consideration. Self-contained classroom works best for […]

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Democracy in a Classroom

Diamond (1997) brings a theoretical foundation in to view of why establishing democratic principles in a classroom environment equates to the promotion democracy in the country. Social and political undercurrents of a democratic society cannot be maintained indefinitely if such is not promoted in the nation’s schools. And it should. After all, country’s schools should […]

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The Classroom Environment

The article focuses on classroom environment and its characteristics. The environment in the class influences how teachers and students feel and behave. What is more, its qualities can have a lasting effect on our lives. The teacher’s challenge is to make the classroom environment functional, thoughtful, enjoyable and literate. However, there are things in real […]

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