Civil war

THE CAUSE Americans have always been independent group of people. We just don’t like being told what to do. This is true now as it was in the past, or will be in the future. It all started in the early colonial era (1700) when we really felt ourselves as “Americans”. Before that in the […]

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The Civil war

The Civil War In the United States, the southern states’ economies were mainly based on agriculture, but not any normal kind of agriculture, they were based on the agriculture of slave labor. Slavery was deeply ingrained in the culture, so much that only a war could stop it. This war was a gruesome war, made […]

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American Literature Prior to Civil War

Forum 2 Though being evident that Columbus was not the founder and one who discovered the World, 1492, the moment when he landed in this New World proved significant: it brought in an eminent era of vast, unprecedented European exploration including the settlement of the Americas. During this age, most European explorers started searching for […]

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Was nuclear strategy an attempt to rationalise the irrational

The thesis I really want to put across is best summarized by the words of former US secretary of defence Robert McNamara, recalling the Cuban Missile Crisis: “I want to say, and this is important: at the end we lucked out! It was luck that prevented nuclear war. We came that close to nuclear war […]

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Governing by the Gun

In the initial chapter of her journalistic report entitled Salvador, Joan Didion writes about her shocking and horrifying two-week nightmare in El Salvador during the midst of their civil war in the 1980s. Throughout the first chapter, Didion describes images, situations, and circumstances which terrify the reader. While we remain terrified of the daily life […]

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Civil War

Strategies and tactics did not change drastically in the South. The Strategies used by South were constant. At the beginning of the war, both side had the impression that the war would be short but this was not the case the war lasted for 4 years. During the war, the North was more offensive to […]

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The War on Errorism

Dying is something that no one looks forward to. Everyone is going to die one day, so you might as well die fighting for something you believe in. Being killed for your country is said to be one of the most honorable ways to die. However, what if your fighting for a cause you don’t […]

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Why the Whites despite allied intervention were unable to win the civil war

For a number of reasons the allies (Britain. France and America) offered support to the White Army, who opposed the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War. However even with the allied support the Whites did not manage to achieve victory. The main reasons for the allies’ involvement were; to prevent communism, restore the tsarist system […]

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To what extent is it fair to conclude that the US Civil War was the first modern war

The US Civil War as a turning point in the nature of warfare is a hotly disputed subject; there has been a degree of debate of academic historians as to whether it was the first modern war or indeed the last of the Napoleonic wars. It is fair to say that the US Civil War […]

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Civil Wars that followed independence in Angola and Mozambique

The wars that followed the independence of both Angola and Mozambique were resultant of internal divisions, but more importantly, they were greatly catalysed by the financial, political, and physical intervention of other nations. It is also generally agreed that the intervention of these countries exacerbated the already volatile situations in Angola and Mozambique, to the […]

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